Post Museum @ Rowell Road

We went to Yilin’s show at Post Museum (Show Room) featuring her new Tree collection. at the same time, I got the size of my ring finger checked so she can resize it for me. we decided on You Had Me At Zug Zug.

Next door there’s a cafe. we met affectionate grey stray.

as i squatted to take a picture of her, she got up and started rubbing her head against my shin.

the owner said that she’s a stray that likes to hang around the cafe. they always had to chase her out of the indoor areas but let her lounge around the outside.

I’ve decided to name her Bijoux.

apple juice + spiced tea + logan = yum.

I like this cafe. it’s quiet and unassuming with no poseur crowd. I could sit there all day and fall asleep in the chair next to the cat.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    But the cafe was WARM. So we moved off elsewhere.

    1. oh smokers are used to the heat 😛

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