The giant and the little person (chapter 2)

The little person thought she had managed to carve a space for herself around her giant’s home. she thought that if she tiptoed a little higher or stretched a little further, she’d have no problems with things bigger or higher than her. it also helped that sometimes the giant noticed her jumping up and down for something way out of reach that he’d reach over, pick up the book, and handed it down to her.

It was only recently that the little person realised there was one other thing in the giant’s house that she has yet to get accustomed to; the giant himself. Once she was getting up from the bed when the giant moved half a step back into her. His bum bumped very gently into her and she fell back with a soft exclamation. It was a good thing that the giant was moving rather slowly, else the impact would have caused her to fly across the room. Instead, she fell back softly onto the mattress without any other incident. The giant, feeling what felt like a fly brush by, turned around puzzlingly to see what it was.

Sometimes with her head bent over her feet intent on making sure they don’t trip over each other, she would barrel head on into the giant’s giant belly. like a trampoline, the belly’s giant will sink in before bouncing back into shape. the force of this could move entire ant colonies, if they so lived on the giant’s belly. but in the little person’s case, she bounced back a bit. It was only the ninja reflexes of her feet that stopped her from falling back.

The giant laughed his big belly laughter. The little person didn’t find this funny and told the giant so by kicking him in the shin. The giant didn’t feel a thing but the little person hopped around with one injured foot.



  1. Hahaha you should get someone to do a caricature of the Giant and the Homunculus…!

    1. put as centrepiece in our new place!

      1. On your wedding cake!!! Haha…

      2. i’ve a feeling the 2 figurines on the wedding cake would be a female orc and a male tauren.

  2. Hahaha eh seriously can leh. Custom-make the little figurine on the cake to be one big one small…. 😛

  3. LOL. So funny lah you two.

    1. the other day i was resting my head on his ginormous belly while he was trying to hold it in when he suddenly tried to bounce my head up by pushing his belly out. almost broke my neck sia…

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