Tokidoki weekend

Tokidoki has invaded my space.

I’m trying to stop Bryan from buying me Stuffs but he just can’t resist when he saw this Tokidoki iPhone case at one of the Apple stores. I was eyeing this design online for the laptop but I didn’t think it’s worth paying that kinda money for something like that. So he went ahead and bought it for me.

While waiting for me at Orchard Central, he wandered into the bookstore at the 6th floor and spotted a Tokidoki notebook. I squealed, “STOP BUYING STUFFS!” and he was a little disappointed at my reaction but I actually love it a lot!

At the same book store, he spotted rabbit stickers so he bought them for me too. Imagine an over grown boy buying stickers at a stationery shop. I bet the sales girl was amused until she saw him pass it to me.

I was at Singpost when I saw this. A limited edition Tokidoki box that is specially designed for Singapore. If you look closely, you see signs on the box that says, “Esplanade” and “Orchard Road”!

Inside the box, there’s a jigsaw puzzle and stamps!

Limited edition Tokidoki Singapore stamps! this goes into my stamp collection! How cool is this!

Get yours at shop@Singpost today!


  1. Very sweet of him

    Anyway he’s a teacher right can pretend he’s buying the stickers for his students haha

    1. haha teachers don’t wear uniform la, I doubt they are that easily recognisable. although this girl did look at Bryan once and asked if he’s a teacher, out of the blue. coz to her he looked like one. at first we thought she was an ex student.

  2. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    Hey I have that Singpost tin with the stickers and notebook! I still haven’t figured out what to do with it yet.

    1. it’s one of those useless things we buy coz it’s pretty! I refuse to buy another notebook which I know i’ll keep and never use coz it’s too pretty!

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