You had me at zug zug

I asked Bryan out of the things we did today, which was the most monumental?

  • Going for Final Theory test
  • Signing our home loan with Maybank
  • Opening our first joint account together with Maybank (to service the loan)
  • Signing our first home insurance
  • Proposing

He thought about it for awhile. Personally I got really excited that we were opening a joint account together despite the fact that signing on the dotted line for our flat was a much bigger deal. But I remembered the time when my dad remarked that my brother and his girlfriend just opened a joint account together and casually asked Bryan if we were going to open one together, Bryan poo poo-ed the idea and said it wasn’t necessary as he transfers the monthly installment for the car to me already. There’s no need for a joint account. Apparently he wasn’t thinking beyond the car.

Bryan admitted it was the proposing as he was really nervous about it, although he didn’t give anything away. a few weeks ago he jokingly asked if I preferred to know that the proposal was coming or to be surprised, I gave him “is that the dumb question of the month?” look before saying I preferred a surprise, not like it’s going to be much of a surprise since we’re committed to the flat already. When I asked what’s there to be nervous about, he said he was afraid I wouldn’t like the proposal.

Actually when the proposal happened, I didn’t even realise there was a proposal going on. We were both lying on the bed where he was fidgeting a hell lot while I was trying to show him the music video of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep (which is now my new favourite song), when he suddenly gave me this look and announced, “I got something to tell you.”

and my response? “oh, this can’t be good.”

He gave me a earnest look and continued, “you know I want to spend the rest of my life with you right?

me: ya….?

him: would you want to spend the rest of your life with me?

me: *giving him this where is this going look* uh… ya…?

and that was when he shoved the box across the mattress into my face. I looked at it and recognised the familiar name of Choo Yi Lin on it. I opened the box and I spotted the ring in it. still not getting it, I asked, “what is this? anniversary present?” knowing that our anniversary is not till 2 months later.

at this, he gave me this woebegone look. You see for the past few months, he’s been feeding me misinformation to keep me from suspecting what he was planning behind my back. he kept insisting that there’s no rush to get married until the flat is ready in 3 YEARS time. He kept making statements that sounded as if he could, he’d drag his feet with this marriage thing for as long as possible. at one point, I accused him of wanting to get a new flat more than wanting to marry me but he’d do the latter just to get his flat. I’m just a means to the end. He guffawed at the look of consternation on my face. He even joked about getting me a one-carrot ring or a pull tab ring off a Coke can, but before reassuring me that marriage or not, I am the person he wants to be with. So of course when he said these lines in the guise of a proposal, I thought he was just reassuring me again, although I was partly confused coz the reassuring usually comes after a tantrum fit of sorts.

Throughout all this play acting, he was working with Yi Lin on my ring. In fact, he contacted her even before I sent the Valentine’s Day nudge to him. Before that, they were figuring out how to find my ring size. He almost resorted to measuring my finger when I’m asleep (which never would have worked since I’m a light sleeper) when I suddenly sent that email enquiry to Yilin’s website to give Bryan a Valentine’s Day nudge. I even gave them my ring size and made their job a whole lot easier.

They then discussed design. Long ago Bryan expressed his reluctance to buy diamonds because of the blood diamond industry and was gratified when I said I didn’t need a diamond, especially knowing how the diamond industry has inflated the actual worth of a diamond through sheer marketing genius and tight control of supply by one diamond company. Rubies were apparently out of the question too coz of some Burma thing, which I haven’t figured out what was the issue yet. So Yilin offered hm a choice of gemstones he picked the one that caught his eye, and which also turned out to be my birthstone Aquamarine.

she drew a few designs and they decided on what looked like leaves that will run along the band before turning to clasp the stone at 3 corners. in between the leaves were teeny diamonds that I believe are clean ones, considering Yilin’s business principles. She then made a wax mould of the ring and showed it to Bryan, before proceeding to work on the ring itself. All this plotting occurred since February and all this while, meeting Yilin to collect my birthday present and such, I was none the wiser. Bryan was secretly afraid that I would find out, always minimising his emails when I walked into the room, or not so secretly hiding the secret folder labelled “RING” in his documents folder.

so there was the ring, sitting on the cushion between us, holding its breath in anticipation. I picked up the ring, not sure what it was for but not daring to think it’s THE ONE RING, I asked him which finger to put it on. I mean if he said on the ring finger on your left hand, it’s a SURE SIGN right? you know what the idiot said? “any finger”. OF COURSE I THOUGHT THIS WASN’T THE ONE RING RIGHT? so I shoved it on the finger furthest away from the ONE FINGER, which was the ring finger on my right hand, and then realised it didn’t fit. the ring was too small.

He freaked out. apparently when he noticed I shifted my cocktail ring from my left hand to my right, he thought it was coz the ring was too big for the left hand, so he asked Yilin to reduce it by 0.5 a size. she went to reduce it by far more and the ring doesn’t even go past my pig knuckle. But little did he know the reason I moved my cocktail ring to my right hand was coz everyone thought THAT was the ONE RING and I was getting annoyed by the GASP OF SURPRISE look on a few people’s faces. so I tried the ring all all the fingers on my right hand, finally letting it slide down the pinkie finger. waiting for some sort of “no silly, it’s on this finger” while referring to the left ring finger, he instead said, ok why don’t you wear it on your pinkie finger.


so for a good 5 minutes, I wasn’t sure if this were a proposal coz I didn’t want to be too excited if it turned out it wasn’t, considering all the smoke signals he was giving. and because my reaction wasn’t the SCREAMING JUMPING CRYING HAPPY sort, he thought I was disappointed, so that made him more reluctant to admit what he was really doing. it got a bit ridiculous coz this proposal was turning into a “not really a proposal unless you want it to be” proposal. I tell you, you’d never think this boy, who shouts at people who steals his cabs, or “NAH BEY! BU YAO LE!” at the Geylang beef kway teow stall for forgetting his order, would be THIS shy about something so simple. So finally he admitted ya this is the proposal, isn’t “I want to spend my life with you” obvious enough? coz he thought it was pretty obvious.

I facepalmed. perhaps if he had done a whole song and dance and covered the bed with petals, or blow WILL YOU MARRY ME clouds in the sky, I might have gotten it. Except that I was never one for fanfare, which I had initially warned Aaron, who volunteered to help Bryan organise the proposal, not to do coz both Bryan and I hate being in the centre of any attention, except each other’s of course. I even said once if we were sitting side by side in his bedroom watching TV and he suddenly proposed, that would be okay, coz to me the intention was more important than the performance that led up to it.

Also Bryan is so not the romantic type. he actually repeated the “why don’t you try it on for size” line on me AGAIN with this ring, which he first used when he tried to surprise me with my birthday ring. but he more than makes up for the unromance by being very caring. in response to my colleague’s question of is your boyfriend romantic question, I said truthfully, “not very, but he’s really caring. he cooks and cleans for me, he buys the things I show even the most shallow of interest in, and takes care of my every whim.” to me, it’s the small things that this big person does for his little person that counts.

So after that I made him repeat his proposal lines twice more so I can relive the moment proper, considering the first time it happened, I wasn’t prepared for it.

we’re going to get the ring re-sized so don’t panic if you don’t see it on my finger, no I didn’t change my mind. There’s a penalty for the flat and the home loan. We also have to think of something to engrave on the ring. Bryan tried to google meaningful Radiohead lyrics but realised that none of Radiohead’s songs are romantic (how about “I’m your Creep”?). So anyone has any suggestions?

BT ❤ EQ (our initials)

You had me at zug zug.

BBtan ❤ Burburchan

Nahbey! Wo yao le!



  1. zommmmggg congrats you two! uh why not pick the lyrics of a song that meant something to the two of you? as much as i love radiohead, but their lyrics are so self-loathing… “i bled and bleed to please you” or “don’t leave me high and dry”. the only one that might work is “You’re all i need” but the lyrics… has “i’m an animal trapped in your hot car” or “you’re all i need, i’m in the middle of your picture”.

    1. HAHAAA I wanted to text you the next day but it was like 2am your side already so I waited until I fell asleep (afternoon nap) then when I got up I had to go to Tricia’s house for whisky night.

      We had difficulty with one meaningful phrase or lyric coz we don’t have The Song. the only genre of music we both like is trance music. When I told Bryan of your suggestion, he gave me a look and said how about “Lonely Girllllll” by above and beyond. other than that it’s all trance melodies.

      wish you were here so we could do the girly thing and grab hands and go AHHHHH!!!

      1. you should have! i was uh.. watching anime till 6am hahaha *grab cyber hands and make squealy noises* the word “cyber” is such a telltale word of age. *prance around you with confetti bursting over us”

        i do love “you had me at zug zug”.

      2. me too! but i think it’s too long 😦
        *holds your hands and jumps up and down* ok the next time we decide on a date, i’ll definitely text you, regardless of the time!

  2. Congrats! You kept it quiet last night? I remember spying the v day cocktail ring and thinking it was real nice 🙂

    1. i love my cocktail ring! it’s so pretty that I wear it most of the time!
      haha i’m abit shy when announcing things. I told tricia later on after most have left, and she announced to Eugene and since her mom and brother were back already, she announced to them too. and i ended up having to tell the story to people I don’t really know :O so pai seh!

  3. Penguin · · Reply

    OMG!!! congratz!!! I’m SO happy for you. But please, IF i am one of your bridesmaid (not that I’m demanding it), please make sure i’m not pregnant ok! else i cant wear pretty dresses!! LMAO!! the only thing I regret about quitting work is i cant physically hug you till you’re outta breath! So just gotta do it virtually then! *BIIIIIG Hug*

    1. HAHAHA eh only virgins can be bridesmaids la. you bride macik can?
      I tell Bryan we aim to marry next year since you’re having a break untili the next baby in 2013. like that you can wear nice dress!

      1. Got this kind of rule meh???

  4. Was wondering when he will propose 🙂

    Sounds like a sweet proposal and it’s the little things that count anyway not the big gestures 🙂

    Have fun planning your big day I’m sure it will be very you

    1. haha i thought he’d NEVER propose! he’s very cute la when proposing, so bloody shy. SO UNLIKE HIM!

      now i’m busy with my brother’s wedding. my friends said i should get married right after my brother’s so my mom would be so tired from my brother’s that she won’t ka-cheow me with mine.

      1. Lol! I doubt that would happen. I thought that’ll be the case for me since my bro married a couple years ago and they’re happily taking care of grandkid. You’d be surprised as to the stuff they’re insisting on. Hope you have a better experience with your parents!

      2. while mediating between mom and bro, i keep adding comments like “wa lao so expensive, i’d rather not have a wedding” or “wa lao so troublesome, don’t get married better.” i think at the rate i’m going, my mom would be RELIEVED if i even invite her to witness the ROM signing ceremony.

  5. i just realised that i did grab your hand and do the jump, congrats thing. to think that i had assumed i was too old to react even remotely like that 🙂

    1. oh PLEASE! one just has to look at you during a rock concert to know you’re never too old for things like that!

  6. Honey Lim · · Reply

    ZOMG… dearieeeeeee congratulations!!!!!!! *double backflips* doing the maria running in the wind with the scarf flying in the air on the beach.. cept now you’re running to a 1.91m hairy chested brian!!*

    1. he chinese boy lah, no hair one muahahaha

      HONEY! *HUGS* i’ve not heard from you for SO LONG! i miss you!! *runs after maria’s scarf in the wind*

  7. omg omg you two are so cute!!! so so happy! bry so shyblur it’s funny.
    *jumps around bur squealing*

      cannot imagine him shy right?!??!!? this is the side of Bryan no one gets to see!

  8. gohfigure · · Reply

    +1 for u had me at zug zug

    1. he wanted to propose via WoW, send me a ring through mail and all -_-

  9. “to me, it’s the small things that this big person does for his little person that counts”

    Awwwwwwww…! Congrats! Bryan is really funny when he’s out of his “bu yao le, nabei!” zone!

    I vote for zug zug (even though I don’t know what that means!)

    1. but he’s also really funny in his bu yao le nabei zone! especially when it’s you, and not me, that’s in it!

      1. Wah lau, don’t remind me lor. Even till now whenever I eat at the Beef Hor Fun place I’m half paranoid that they’ll remember who they saw me with previously and spit in my hor fun….

      2. well you can console yourself by the fact their standard supposedly dropped over the years and you’re not missing out much 🙂

  10. I laughed while reading this! Congratulations!!! And my vote is for “Nahbey! Wo yao le!”

    1. wa then i cannot show my mother the engraving. the other day i was trying to filter in front of a cab who wouldn’t let me, so i slowed down and filtered behind him, whereupon he immediately hit the brakes. i shouted NAHBEY! then belatedly remembered my mom was in the passenger seat next to me. cue sheepish “sorry, Ma.”

  11. congratulations! I’m so late at this haha
    you two are the funniest but also the sweetest 🙂

    1. Oh and I vote for either zug zug or nahbey!! heh

      1. the designer’s assistant is also a world of warcraft player so she also approved on zug zug. in the end, with the most vote, we’re going ahead with zug zug 🙂

    2. well wishes are never late! thanks!

  12. Adele · · Reply

    Congrats! Thks for pointing me here. Sorry I’m do late to the party. Now gonna catch up with the rest of it and get up to date 🙂

  13. […] up again when he practically growled at me and I took the bag down too. I asked what was it for? (doesn’t this sound familiar???) and he announced HAPPY […]

  14. OMIGOD! CAn I just tell you how dinosaur I am? That I didn’t know you moved to WordPress like everyone else!?!?!??!

    Congrats to you and Bryan… I still remember our little conversation at St James powerhouse when I nudged you and said, Eh, brian not bad what…..

    So happy for you and him…. It’s a gorgeous one of a kind ring… I shall send a nudge to Mr Lim next.. haha…

    1. HAAA you should send a nudge, a poke and a shove.

      aiyoh! i moved some time back! Y U SO SLOW! how did you finally figure out anyway?

      1. When this stegosaurus read Tricia’s blog and saw bur bur and thought, could it be bur bur… haha….

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