Lunch without make-up: easy lunches at home

There are days where we are so lazy we don’t even drive out for Sunday lunches, not even if it’s without make-up. Luckily Bryan recently bought a sandwich maker. He calls it a waffle maker but waffle makers have squares while this doesn’t.

I used to have a sandwich maker at home but I think it’s spoiled now. so for the longest time, I live with the memory of freshly toasted sandwiches with my favourite filling.

This is a Kenwood sandwich maker. you put the pieces of bread in the squares, top up with filling, cover it with another slice of bread and press it down.

and viola! toasted sandwich! better than a regular toaster coz with the filling in between the slices while it’s toasting, the filling gets heated up. Great if you want melted cheese sandwiches. my favourite combination so far is Ayam Bran Chili Tomato canned tuna with Kraft cheese singles. it’s so good I ate TWO sandwiches. this is from a person who professes her abhorrence for sandwiches.

Bryan liked the tuna too except that it was a tad too spicy for him. he stuck out his tongue at me after every bite.

That was lunch. for dinner, he tossed up some squid rings and prawns.

threw the fish onto the grill with loads of butter and herbs.

Threw in a can of Prego’s tomato sauce and viola! Seafood pasta for dinner.

A colleague gave me can of white chocolate powder from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf so Bryan mixed it with fresh bananas and crushed ice and created ice blended banana white chocolate. even Fido approves!

(Fido didn’t really drink it. I didn’t want him puking out banana so he’s just posing).



  1. i ❤ sandwich maker and toasted sandwiches and… melted cheese. nom nom nom.

    1. i think we overdid it last night. Bryan made 4 luncheon meat sandwiches for SUPPER at 3am!

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