Fido tries to eat slowly

gimme huggggggssss (how can your resist this face?)

Fido is the greedier of 2 cats. He’s not only greedy for affection, constantly meowing at us for pats and hugs, he’s greedy for food. The cats usually get fed by 9 when bry’s mom feeds them in the mornings but sometimes she wakes up late and Fido would stand outside her door and protest really loudly.

Come to think of it, he’s quite smart when it comes to this. Food, meow at mom’s door. Cuddles, meow at our door.

So this morning he was making a huge racket so I opened the door to find him facing the mom’s door. he glanced at me and gave a “oh hell you’ll do” look and walked me to his food bowl. He sat in front of it and meowed one more time as I reached for the cat food. Mindful to moderate his meal this time, I gave him half of his usual portion and squatted next to him as he ate.

You see Fido has a habit of eating too fast each meal. He’d gobble it in 3 minutes flat, not even slowing down to properly chew his food. This causes a build up of unchewed food and air which leads to indigestion. He then vomits the entire orange mess out for me to clean. The first time was amusing. The subsequent ones not so.

Fido sitting in shame under the table after being yelled at for puking all over living room floor just before I was about to rush out for work.

So this morning while squatting next to him, I could see him hurriedly nomming down his food as if we’re about to snatch it away from him. I decided then to pace him by nudging his fat head away from the bowl at every 2 bites. He resisted a bit before giving in. I held him away until I was sure he wasn’t chewing before releasing him. This happened for the next few bites. Gobble gob… nudge. Gobble gob… nudge. At one point, I nudged His Fatness far enough that he decided not to resist and instead tried to eat out of the other cat’s food bowl. I scolded him and nudged him back to his own. He looked up and gave me a WTF look. I told him he’s an ungrateful bastard and it’s only for his own good. And mine coz I’m sick of cleaning his half digested food. It’s gross.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think this cat is anorexic.


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