Are you looking for Lionel Richie

It’s a quiet day at the office with the bosses out of town. Half of the floor is out on a video shoot, while the others are not around. I was checking my emails when I overheard my colleague half-whistling half-singing Lionel Richie’s Endless Love. Both parts of the duet, where his voice went up a few octaves when singing the female part.

Partly amused by his performance, partly reminded of the time when Endless Love was an inside joke between him, myself and my boss when we made references to the Glee episode featuring the same song, I googled a picture of Lionel Richie and sent it to him via email. With 20 secs, as the email bounces through the Internets and back to our office, 5 cubicle away, I heard a loud burst of belly laughter from him. Colleagues around him were puzzled as to his sudden good humour. he laugh long and hard while I giggled to myself. Imagine banging away at your desk when suddenly a picture of Lionel pops up in your inbox.

To add to the fun, I sent him a link of the elaborate prank by Belgian phone company Mobistar. In 2 minutes, I could hear a prattling of foreign language with Lionel’s Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? playing from 5 cubicles away, followed by the same belly laughter. Minutes later, my colleague walked to my desk and with a fake Belgian accent said, “Heeellluuu? Deez iz Matheeew from Mobistar.” he burst into hysterical giggles before walking back to his desk.

Richard found a PDF link of Lionel Richie’s face as a poster ad with the lyrics from Hello is it me you’re looking for on it. Apparently someone made a poster of it and lined the streets with it. Inspired, I printed it out and waited till my colleague went for a toilet break before running over to his desk and slapping the poster on his cubicle wall. I even cut the strips at the bottom like they do with posters with number strips at the bottom for you to tear out.

When I went over later to take a picture of it my colleague was on the phone but he gave me this WTFlionel? look. the people around us, mostly born in the 80s & 90s were none the wiser.


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