We bought a house!

I was lying on the bed checking Twitter, Facebook then email when I suddenly sat up with a shock and went, “OH SHIT!” Bryan turned around and what me. I showed him the email from our housing agent, which went something like, “Congratulations, your ballot number is 00XXX. Your appointment is…” Bryan looked at me and asked what did it mean, I said with only 800 units, our chances were really good!

and then the panic kicked in. I went wide eyed and I asked Bryan if this was what he really wanted. He raised an eyebrow and asked if I were having second thoughts. I quickly assured him I wasn’t but this time round it’s getting real. Looking at show flats was one thing, filling in an application form was just paperwork, but a ballot number from HDB meant that we are one step closer to our dream home, so I started freaking out. amused, he turned back to his Dawn of War and ignored me. I laid back down on the bed, excitement over, and continued reading my other emails when I suddenly sprung back up again and exclaimed. Bryan turned back and asked what was wrong. I told him I forgot to give him congratulatory kiss. he said he had wanted to but I was freaking out so he let me be. So we pecked each other on the lips and we went back to our own things.

So this afternoon, after popping by the bank to submit our application for a home loan, we headed down to the sales site for our appointment. they were flashing the numbers of the units that were taken up so I started flipping through our list of 220 choice units and started striking out the ones that were taken, mostly the 5-room high floors we were looking at. i wondered what it was like to have a 00001 ballot number. I’d have taken a shot of it and posted on Facebook.

The site of our future home. They were already piling on the day of the sales launch so the agent said the fastest would be in 2 years. I started freaking out again.

The wait was rather long coz the 230pm appointments were still at the counters when our 330pm time slot came and went by. it was only around 430pm that they called my name. we walked up to the controller’s table (that’s what they were called) and we had to picked our unit there and then. I’d pass her the cheque for the 5% option fee for her to rubber stamp before she gave us a counter number to do the rest of the paperwork. at that very minute, Bryan asked of I wanted option A (block facing playground) or option B (block facing southwest sun), I put the cheque to my forehead and went I dunno! which do I hate more? the heat or the sound of children? in the end, Bryan decided on the southwest block instead.

That’s our house on the 6th floor.

our agent was complaining that her 11am appointment was still sitting there 5 hours later, asking 101 questions that frazzled the marketing team. I stared at the people around me, mostly young couples like us, who were most likely our future neighbours. I looked at them and wondered which ones were the nice ones and which ones were potentially assholes. The PA system squawked to life as someone announced a car plate number and would you please move your car as it’s blocking traffic and I thought to myself, ah there’s an asshole already.

Our 1st disagreement with the choice of warm vs cool colours began from the 1st day but we finally settled on warm. not like it matters as long as I get my parquet floor.

They warned us that the paperwork would take about 2 hours (?!?!?) but because our application was so straightforward, we finished in less than an hour. When I had to write the cheque, I made Bryan spell out the numbers for me so I didn’t write wrongly (when was the last time you had to write numbers in text form? all that practicing in primary school just for this day!). A whole bunch of declarations to sign later, twice over, the registration guy suddenly looked up and said, “ok that’s it. you’re done.”


What the future block would look like.

we headed outside to have a celebratory can of coke.

Our future living room will look something like that I guess, minus the swing coz with Bryan and myself on the swing, it’d probably fall off and become a deck chair.

My girlfriend asked me to save a room for drunk people after partying. I told her that’s what the balcony is for.

The sign said do not sit, so I laid on the bed instead.

Bryan said with this purchase, he suddenly feels the clock from the show 24 (Jack Bauer) going over his head. he pointed above his head and imitated the sound the clock makes as it counts down. pfft.



  1. germaine · · Reply

    Omg congrats!

    1. germaine · · Reply

      (Actually, I’m not sure why people get congratulated on buying a house. I guess it’s kind of a DING! moment?)

      1. haha sure as hell beats my boss’ reaction which involved evil laughter and “welcome to a life of debt” -_-

  2. Woah u bought a flat already!!! Yeah no playground u will probably go mad

    1. this morning is the first time i could hear screaming children from the playground almost a block away (from boyfriend’s bedroom window). a few days ago I finally noticed the sound of fighter planes roaring by. These are sounds I never noticed before till recently.

  3. omg omg omg! congrats you two!

    i live opp the playground and the screaming kids drive me mad every single day.

    mmm… does that mean wedding bells is ringing very very very soon? 😀

    1. i was wondering that too…..:)

      congrats on the house purchase!

      1. haha not so soon la! no money after this house! Bryan actually ripped out the pull ring from a coke can and said this is all he can afford for now 🙂

    2. haha we have 3 years to procrastinate till we have no choice else we lose the house 😛
      you’ve to help me plan if it happens! my stupid friends Eve and Bib gave me the huh look when I said I needed a planner -_-

      1. of course of course! *whips out excel spreadsheet* and do you still want lenny kravitz’s “are you gonna go my way” for 2nd march in? 😀

        can we have a WOW wedding while we are at it? heehee

      2. actually I was thinking of the darth vader theme song 😀

  4. Tell you something. Eug and I used to debate whether you and Bry or WS and HS would marry first. And also where our wedding would fit in. We decided WS and HS, us and then you when the flat arrived. Heh. I like being right.

    Congratulations! Buying a home is a big step but one you’re def ready for! 🙂

    1. I realise you and Eugene spend a lot of time speculating on your friends’ lives and always turn out right! no one should get into a bet with you!

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