Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

Anatolia is located on the 2nd floor of Far East Plaza (on the side of Jelita Minimart). tucked in a corner, it serves simple, yummy Turkish fare.

I always (over) order the same dishes when I’m there.

Iskander: pieces of beef shaved off the rotating spit and served with loads of tomato sauce and a generous serving of home made yoghurt.

Lamachun. a minced beef on flat bread, or what Bryan calls the only pizza I’d ever eat.

Menemem: scrambled eggs with sliced tomatoes and chili cooked liberally with voodoo sauce. I have no idea what it is they put in there but i love it so much. it’s just egg but it’s so good.

Bide: bread with minced meat, a little like mutarbuk. I asked Bryan if there’s a different between his bide and a bidet.

Buy ice-cream at your own peril. the little old man at the ice-cream counter is really deft with his hands. if you’ve never bought turkish ice-cream before, go check it out for yourself. We watched at a little girl get flustered at the ice-cream man who tricked her of her ice-cream cone. towards the end, she yelped out EH!



  1. the egg looks soo yummy

    1. it is very yummy! go try it if you’re in the area!

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