Shopping for a laptop tote

Bryan went online shopping and bought himself the new 13″ MacBook Pro. While he proudly plays with his new toy, I inherited his old 13″ MacBook. Because I have PC blood running in my veins, watch me as i inevitably kill his MacBook within the year. Not because I want to, why would I want to ruin such a sweet instrument? But only because I have poison in my fingers and on everything Apple that I touch.

Anyway I started shopping around for a laptop bag. Bryan very nicely bought me a RED laptop sleeve but I needed a bag to carry it. While Bryan’s idea of a nice laptop bag is this (click at your own peril), I had other ideas in mind apparently, which Bryan had a rather wide-eyed reaction to until I explained that while I definitely cannot fit the MacBook into my handbags, I’m trying to find a laptop tote bag that can act as a handbag too so I don’t end up carrying two bags. the things men don’t understand.

Which should I get?

Monaco Notebook Case (quilted black & pink) by Rainbrooke $99: Simple, classy design. I like this one a lot but do I want to pay $99 for it? Not even sure if it’s leather or what.

Allie (pink laptop tote) by Rainbrooke $49: i like how this one is vertical but it’s nylon. my friend preferred the first one coz this one is too pink. I’m like “dude, did you notice this website is called ‘pink laptop bags & case’?”

Pink White Damask patter, Grey enamel handle Tote $43.70 on Etsy. I like how it sits on the grass.

On Etsy I really like the Kennedy Bag in Joel Dewberry Ginseng Wildflowers $56, which is a sharp contrast to the plain black (unknown)

Stripes & Checkers
On Etsy: Bag with 3 changeable Flaps, striped canvas bag $31.80 (they seriously need to think of better names)

Stay Forever iPad Sleeve £55

Asian Magnolia Moon Bird $29.99 *  Birds of Norway $49.99

Cherry Blossom Apples *  Lotus Flower $59.99

Royal Canadian Correspondent $75 I like the design but I don’t like messenger bags, a little too kiddish for me.
Typewriter on Floral Linen $50

On Etsy: Pink Elephants $51: Did I tell you I love elephants?



  1. marajaded · · Reply

    i like the last few.. and the ginseng wildflowers one.. jet also thinks bryan’s idea of laptop bag is ‘nice what’. MEN.

    1. eugh i hope you didn’t let him decide on the furniture in the house

  2. germaine · · Reply

    Pink elephants = win

    1. i ❤ elephants!

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