Fairyland Dinner & Dance : 2 Queens

a few years ago, I was part of this group who took the company annual dinner & dance very seriously. actually they took it seriously and I just played along. They created quite an uproar the year they were the only group that showed up in theme (retro) so every year, everyone looked out for what the Marketing department was going to wear for D&D. I think the year we created the biggest stir was when all 20 of us turned up in the same Japanese school uniform and marched into the ballroom in 2 neat rows.

But the core team is gone now and it is now left to Tuty (my work BFF) nd myself to keep up with tradition. This year’s theme was Fairy Tales so I suggested we dressed up as the Villians of Fairyland (Ursula, Cruella, Wicked Stepmother, etc) but the marketing team, now made up of new people, had this weird notion of doing Snow White & the 7 Dwarves, where the sole male in the group would dress in drag as Snow White and everyone will turn up as dwarves.

I was more than disappointed coz it’s so boring. I wailed to Tuty that I spent my life being short, I don’t wanna be a dwarf! so we thought hey why not go as Alice in Wonderland!

Except that we went as the Red Queen and the White Queen. I’ve always wanted to be the Red Queen and Tuty naturally picked the White Queen so there was no fighting involved. We both got our costume from Masquerade (which incidentally moved to Lavender street). the shorter lady there was very helpful. All I told her was I WANT TO BE RED QUEEN and she got everything for me. it was also a choice between an already curly red wig which made me looked like a clown, or a long haired red wig where I’d have to struggle with a bun which I don’t know how to tie, I picked the latter. Luckily when we went to a colleague’s house to change before the dinner, her maid was an ex-hair stylist and she quickly bun up my hair for me into the do you see now.

When we arrived, we thought we’d make a grand entrance but we realised we were at the wrong D&D, there was another one going on with a retro theme (oh! that’s so 6 years ago). so we waddled over to the other side of Resorts World Sentosa’s convention centre and found our party.

The make-up wasn’t too hard except that I had to struggle a bit to hide my eyebrows under the make up. lesson learnt, don’t buy too light a blue or eyeshadow coz it doesn’t stand out very well. I ended up using the mid-blue eyeshadow I already had. The white face paint i used was from Halloween of 2 years ago, which I bought from Cosmoprof.

2 Queens wondering what’s going on with Snow White. when i went out to the car park with Snow White, he hiked up his dress to dig inside the pocket of his jeans, which he wore underneath his dress, and dug around for his phone.

The Alice in Wonderland trio. It’d have been great if we had a Mad Hatter and Rabbit. Ah I miss the old gang. at least they had imagination.

The 3 little pigs that were sitting at my table.

2 of the 14 dwarves (ya there were actually twice the number of dwarves).

With the Wicked Witch. Her costume is wonderful and she won best dressed, rightly so! by the end of the night, I was tired of tripping over my dress and pursing my lips like that, which I did many times when people asked to take pictures with me. At one point, this old man asked to take a picture to show his daughter (“if you don’t sleep, the hantu will eat you!”), he put his arm around my shoulder where his hand rested a little too close to my boob for comfort. so I raised that shoulder as high as I could to move his fingers away so now his daughter is probably asking why is this hantu shrugging her shoulders.

I had a lot of fun and the make-up was a lot easier to take off than to put on, where it took us 2 hours to get ready. Actually the standing around taking pictures was more fun than the D&D itself, which was managed by Fly Entertainment and the host was dreadfully boring. In fact the entire thing was a boring affair.  Our CEO bumped into us in the corridor and asked why weren’t we on stage for Best Dressed. privately I wouldn’t mind winning best dressed but I definitely don’t want to go on stage to do stupid things and made a fool out of, which they ALWAYS do. OFF with their heads! i dare say.



  1. Penguin · · Reply

    I miss the old gang too!! *wails & cries* they’re much more fun, definitely. and i look quite pregnant in the dress hor?? aiyo *palm face*

    1. hahaha you ARE pregnant

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