Take me to Malacca: Meow

What is a trip without saying hello to our feline friends. Here’s one spotted at Portuguese Settlement, a fat cat that roamed around tables looking, or rather begging, for food.


This one was a teenage mom, small and scraggly, but belly fulla baby kittens waiting to be born. she was sitting in the shade watching passers-by when I squat down to take a picture of her. she was so affectionate that it was hard for me to grab a picture of her while she was rubbing her face against my legs.




This was the 5th time I stood up to get away from her, then squatted down again to get a shot of her. for the 5th time she saw me coming within reach of her and she came running for pats again. SO CUTE!


A kitten lazing about at St Paul’s Church.

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