Take me to Malacca: too many chicken rice balls

Jonker Walk Famous Chicken Rice Balls. that’s the name of the shop. I’m not kidding. We wandered into this one coz at 3pm this was empty while the others had long snaking lines, unsurprising considering it was Sunday and the streets were packed with locals and tourists alike. while eating, a Kuala Lumperian, judging from how she spoke to us in Cantonese first before switching to Mandarin when she realised we didn’t understand (Malaccans speak in Mandarin mostly), asked if it were good. with no real basis for comparison, we said it’s not too bad. unconvinced, she decided not to eat there.

Frankly, I don’t see what’s so great about Malacca’s chicken rice balls. Am I being blasphemous? I know it’s supposedly famous but the steamed chicken is comparable to the Maxwell market chicken rice. If you were to tell me the rice balls are famous, it’s about as tasty and soft as the Maxwell one too, with varying degrees of flavour, moistness and softness from stall to stall. This one so far was the 2nd best of the lot we tried. This stall was located near some Peranankan shop called Raffles, near the entrance of Jonker. it has a rubber chicken hanging at its shop front.

and we did try a lot. on the last day, the one with the long line Hoe Kee Chicken rice balls, was fairly empty at 11am (considering it’s a Tuesday late morning, I’m not surprised). so Bryan hurried in without thought and ordered himself 10 rice balls. this was the best of the 3 we tried, where there’s a slightly stronger garlic taste to the rice balls. the stall was also famous for their lotus root soup.

Within 2 hours, we found Famosa Chicken Rice Balls, which also had an outlet behind Renaissance hotel. The one we were at is smack in the centre of Jonker Walk, opposite Jonker 88 chendol shop. I didn’t like this one as the balls were a little drier and they served roasted meat for those who don’t like steam.

They also serve rather yummy chendol. the gula melaka was so thick Bryan bought a bottle back so he can have gula everything. Gula pancakes. Gula waffles. Gula sandwiches. God help us all.

The most famous one was Chung Wah chicken rice balls, right across from Hoe Kee, at the entrance of Jonker but when we saw the line, which formed even before the shutters of the shop were opened, we thought it wasn’t worth the wait. frankly, any rice ball you find in Malacca is good enough. And by then I was thoroughly sick of chicken rice.

Rough map on the locations drawn from memory. anyway it’s all within walking distance of one another.


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