Stranger things have happened: somewhere in Shenton Way

I was accompanying a colleague on an errand and we had just parked in a building at Shenton Way (CBD area). across from us was a delivery van with both its back doors and trunk opened as a man was unloading many boxes into a trolley.

Next to his van was an empty lot which was the best lot of all because it was right next to the lift lobby. A car drove up to it, and started reversing into the lot when the driver realised he couldn’t because the van’s door was opened too wide for him to squeeze past. So he stopped the car and got out. He contemplated the situation for a bit, studied the delivery man whose head was buried somewhere in the car busy with something, before reaching out to gently push the van door, not to close it completely but to make it so that it didn’t open widely into the empty lot. with just an inch of a gap left, the driver walked back to his car, got in and continued reversing into the lot.

Having parked his car successfully, he got out of the car and glanced at the delivery guy who was still busy. he then opened the same van door gingerly until it was back to the same position as it was before. satisfied, the driver walked away.

This was all done unnoticed by the delivery guy. But my colleague and I? we laughed till we peed in our pants.


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