Stranger things have happened: esplanade car park

I had just parked my car and was changing my shoes when I noticed the couple in the Mercedes parked across from me. A man in a suit and fedora was climbing out of the car when he accidentally bumped his hip against the small car next to him. The car, suited up with some state of the art security, started blinking and squawking in alarm. He jumped and stared at the car as it quickly fell silent. He paused before gingerly patting the car’s side view mirror, to let it know it was ok. He looked up to see if anyone had witnessed the exchange and caught me watching from the interior of my car. As I burst out laughing, he turned his palms skywards and gave a huge shrug, “who knows?” before walking away.



  1. that was entertaining!

    1. I was amused! I love how sometimes 2 complete strangers can have a mini interaction like that 🙂

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