Take me to Malacca: Hotel Puri

It’s the March school holidays and since Bryan can only travel during this period, we decided to take a short trip somewhere, partly to celebrate my month long birthday. Malacca was special to us coz two years ago when we headed to Malacca together, we went there as friends but came back more than that. Throughout the bus ride there, Bry kept reminding me of the fact, like when we took the bus up there together, we weren’t holding hands then but we are now. I wish it were a more romantic story like we were on the cruise ship looking at the Aurora Boraelis when our eyes might and sparks flew but no. it was in boring Malacca. Malaysia boleh.

So I let Bry take charge like the man that he is and let him make all the arrangements. He wanted me to drive up to Malacca in our Yoshimi – the car –  but driving 3 hours straight was kinda overwhelming, especially for my bad back. that and I can’t imagine being trapped in the same confined space with just 1 human being for 3 hours at a time. I love my boyfriend but I’m sure there are love songs out there written about how you shouldn’t be trapped in a drive to Malaysia for that long.

On Singapore’s tiny roads we already argue over the smallest things.

Me: *glances at sign* do I take the AYE (Ayer Rajah Expressway turn right)
Him: yes, turn left.
Me: *glances at sign again and makes a right*
Him: I said turn left!
Me: the sign said turn right!
Him: PIE (Pan-Island expressway) is on the left! you’re not listening to me!
Me: I asked should I take AYE and you said yes! but the sign said AYE is on the right so I turn right!
Him: oh
Me: YOU are not listening to me!

So it was decided that we should take a coach instead.

This was the hotel he picked in the Jonker Walk area (tourist belt). it’s a boutique hotel called Hotel Puri Melaka and it’s on Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, named after some rich dude. Imagine if my grandfather was some rich dude with a street named after him, I can prance around the middle of the street with nary a care at what people behind me are shouting.

That’s a picture of the entrance to the hotel. it’s a reconstructed shop house from the early days, whether it’s of Dutch descent or 1930s, Bry would be a better person to tell you since I wasn’t paying attention to the history books.

Airwell that lets the air in and cools the rest of the house.

If you pressed all 3 circles at the same time, gold will spill out of the magic urn. I grew up watching Indiana Jones.

Couple seats with a shared drink holder between them.

secret family recipe to special homemade belachan hidden here.

This house was replete with mahogany furniture. Not cat-friendly for sure.

Someone left his transport in the lobby.

reminds me of those old movies where the patriarch and matriarch sit and lord over the entire household until they die.

now the best part of the hotel was our room. we picked the suite which was a 2-storey affair. this is what you’re greeted with when you first enter, 2 arm chairs arranged to face the only bath tub in the ENTIRE hotel. voyeur much.

The bathtub. we joked how two years ago we wouldn’t have been able to use this bathtub if the other person were in the room.

This is the bedroom upstairs. couldn’t take a better angle of entire room without rolling off the stairs.

I don’t know why I did that.

Frankly this hotel was so sweet that I don’t recommend anyone staying in it. Coz all you’d want to do is stay in it and watch Discovery Channel which was what we ended up doing most of the time, heading out only to eat from time to time.



  1. Not much to do in malacca anyway mah lol. Anyway I’m sure u find other things to do in the room lol

    1. you mean like watch Discovery Channel???? *BLINK*

  2. It’s a great hotel and I’ve been eyeing it!

    Malacca’s special to Eug and me too cus it was the first holiday took as a couple. Although Malacca was sweltering and too familiar, holding hands with a new love made it all rosy pretty!

    1. HAHA! gosh! we both had wonderful memories at the most unexciting place on earth! yes malacca = sweat & humidity to me too eugh!

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