Lunch without make-up: Relish

The power of social media alerted me to the fact that Relish was selling $40 vouchers at $30 only on one of those groupon coupon deals so since Bryan was hankering for a burger at Relish for the longest time, I did the good girlfriend thing and bought the coupon.

Relish, run by the same management who operates Wild Rocket, is tucked somewhere on the 2nd floor of Cluny Court. Parking is parallel along the quiet road on the other side of the court but since I fail at parallel anything, I chickened out and parked at Serene Centre next door instead, to the tune of $4.90. this inability to parallel park is really costing me. But then I tried to parallel park just now at home (my dad did say to practice whenever I can) and there were 2 lots worth of space and it still took me 5 minutes.

The place is a pretty wooden place that can sit about 50 pax. It was Saturday brunch so the place was full, good thing we had reservations. Allergic to noise, I winced at the sound level as there was a birthday celebration going on but the waiter managed to move us to a corner where I could observe at the cafe in peace.

To cut down on time needed to move from kitchen to floor, the owners have installed 3 large cones from the ceiling (seen on the left) to shoot out the waiters or the floor manager whenever a customer waves for attention. pretty ingenious I must say.

There was a table of good looking people in my line of sight so I kept staring at them. I was trying to figure out if Relish was a no make-up place or not because I wasn’t wearing make-up, having had a massage treatment just before lunch but the good-looking people were obviously dressed up for some noon time partying. it was only when they brought out a cake with a 33 candle on it that it made sense. Even I would put on some lipstick for cake.

Cod fish cakes. I like all things cod fish. even though it cost $19. the cakes aren’t that big. I just moved my iPhone really close to the food.

Bryan’s blue cheese burger. I almost threw up coz it’s blue cheese. Well I’d have the same reaction to durian chendol so no offense to Relish. but Bryan couldn’t stop moaning as he ate the burger so I guess it’s good.

I took the safer route and ordered Chorizo Fettucine, aglio olioed with wild rocket and pumpkin. surprisingly full of flavour, a bit like eating organic char kwey teow. reminded me of the wild rocket and pumpkin salad I had at House a long time ago.

Bryan likes Panna Cotta so we ordered this pandan version served with gula melaka. very creamy smooth and tasty. I recommend. I also couldn’t stop shaking the table just to watch the thing wobble like silicon breasts. I have a strange obsession with jiggly things.

you’d think that with a $40 voucher it would seem to make the meal cheaper but 1 cod cakes + 1 blue cheese burger + 1 pasta + 1 panna cotta + 2 beers + 1 coke = $110. not a cheap restaurant for sure, the food is relatively tasty, but for that price I’d rather go Les Bouchons. the toilet at Cluny Court is really clean although it reminds me of a swimming pool toilet for some reason. the shops upstairs are like the ones at Holland Village, dubious fashion and the random nail spa. it also has little boutiques that sells ridiculous things like a plastic cup for $12.90.



  1. I heard so much about this place but haven’t tried it. Your yummy photos are making me feel like I’m positively starving right now.

    1. i thought you were going to say my yummy photos are making you feel like getting… an iphone!

  2. i want to get me some gula melaka panna cotta! 😦

    1. it looks really yummy eh! you should go! i’m now thinking of maybe making some myself, with the bottle of gula Bryan bought in Malacca!

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