Happy Burbday: Les Bouchons

Bryan decided to surprise me on my birthday. he led me on a merry goose chase around Maxwell, first bringing me to Maxwell hawker centre to fry hum jing pang (“huh? we’re eating hum jing pang for my birthday? you’re frying fresh for me? uhm okay?”), then we had sugar cane juice (mine with sour plum) before he presented to me Les Bouchons (Ann Siang Hill) with a flourish. Of course it wasn’t ready yet as we were early so we popped by to a bar next door for a drink, where I promptly drank a glass of white wine too fast and almost fell asleep at the dinner table for the rest of the night.

Les Bouchons is an understated french restaurant tucked along Ann Siang Hill (lots of parallel parking, to avoid, please park next to Maxwell hawker centre). it’s small (sits about 25) and cosy and I like it a lot. there’s no snobby waiter and it doesn’t matter what you wear coz you’re there for the food, nothing else.

Escargots, the recommended dish of Les Bouchons
The last time I had escargots was at a french cafe along little india road that used too much garlic. This one came piping hot in a skillet pan with a strong aroma of garlic but the flavour wasn’t overpowering at all. the meat was tender and chewy, although I kept psyching myself that I was eating abalone and not slugs.

All this while I was struggling to keep my eyes open as the wine bubbled inside my empty tummy. I did everything to keep myself awake, from babbling nonsense to closing my eyes for a “rest” as I tried to hide my closed eyes behind my overgrown fringe. Nothing worked, not even a shot of espresso.


I ordered the ribeye with some fanciful named butter. the butter gave it an extra kick to a steak that was lightly salted and grilled. it was one of the tastiest steaks i’ve ever eaten, cooked to perfection (medium) and I couldn’t help rolling the meat around my tongue before swallowing it. The steak was larger than usual so be prepared to be really really stuffed after your meal, or share with a friend. The meat was a little fattier than expected which while making it very tasty, was a little hard to chew and swallow in the end. Each steak comes with free flow of home made fries.

Bryan ordered the extra large. his eyes are bigger than his stomach. and his stomach is REALLY LARGE nowadays.

The wait for your meal is a little longer than normal but well worth the wait. you know your food is coming when they bring a tray of mustards to your table. I love my steak naked so no yellow stuff for me.

The look of bliss with perfectly baked creme brulee rolling around your mouth. again, a larger than normal serving so bring a big appetite or starve yourself for a week before visiting Les Bouchons. we love it so much we plan to come back again.

Reservations recommended.



  1. germaine · · Reply

    I tried Les Bouchons at robertson quay last year. The steak was to die for!

    1. it is so YUMMEH!!!
      but did you have the problem of obese cow or was it just our batch of meat that had a bit too much fat?

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  3. sounds like an awesome birthday 🙂 happy birthday!!

    1. with my friends, it’s always awesome! thanks!

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