Happy Burbday: my burbday ring!

Recently Yilin threw a launch party for her jade collection and Bryan wanted to head down to check it out, which in itself was an odd thing coz since when was Bryan so enthusiastic about jewellery launches. I was okay to go till the day itself when my period decided to ruin my weekend with cramps. I was rolling around in bed in self-pity and hoping Bryan would take pity on me and cancel the outing. He did, but then I saw the look of disappointment on his face (what is with this boy and jewellery?!?!?) that I gave in. I didn’t give in graciously though, grumbling all the way there as I cramped all the way down AYE. it did help that the radio was playing some rock classics so I managed to sing my misery away.

Upon reaching Yilin’s show at Yu Studio at Mohammed Sultan Road, where I “parallel parked” (many empty lots, just slide into one), we reached just around the tail end of the launch where there was no one to jostle with. after introductions to Yilin and her friend, she passed Bryan something, who then passed it to me and said, “try this on for size.”

I took it from him and it took me 3 secs to realise what it was I was trying on.

The ring that I asked for previously! this was my first choice in my Valentine’s nudge to him but it was out of stock or something so he waited till my birthday to give this to me! how sweet! but it was given in such an unromantic, casual manner that I didn’t realised what he was giving me (in my head, I remembered the entire exchange as him going “Nah” while handing it to me). I was mighty pleased and couldn’t wait to put it on. Belatedly, I realised why he was so insistent on coming to the launch. Aww!

The picture doesn’t do the gem (+5 intelligence) justice as it’s really sparkly and pretty and it’s a paler green than what’s seen here. I also have no idea why the iPhone camera captures the wrinkles on the hand better than the cut of the stone.

Of course I was drawn to Yilin’s jade pieces. I’ve always thought of buying jade as I fancied being a tai tai myself one day. However most jade pieces are rather overwhelming and I’m no connoisseur. Yilin’s designs aren’t for purists so if you are going to poo-poo her designs, go somewhere else. Her pieces are catered more for the modern palate and crafted with unconventional designs. I spotted this chain and got it for myself, although a very sweet Bryan readily brought a cheque in anticipation of buying something for me.

Unfortunately, my skin was allergic to the chain. a little research showed that there’s bronze in the chain which apparently I’m now allergic to. I can no longer be 3rd place! Surprised that this happened since I had no adverse reaction to the rings, we contacted Yilin, who very nicely offered to swap the chain to sterling silver for me.

When I showed off the ring to my PJ, she shrieked and clapped, “he proposed???” I was like what? no! and quickly moved the ring to my right hand instead.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    From 3rd place to 2nd, that’s an upgrade no?

    1. that true but it’s annoying that the list of things i’m allergic to is growing 😦

  2. Well done bry!! The ‘nah!’ bit sounds familiar…..eo does things like tt do.

    Brybur = cutest couple lah!!

    1. hahaha did they all go to the same school of how to woe girls???

      1. Hahahahaha is that a typo? Cos I can’t be sure…. 😛

  3. zomg! for a moment i also wanted to ask what your pj asked. heehee thumbs up to bry! love the cocktail ring

    1. HAHA he keeps reminding me “no it’s not an engagement ring” pui!
      the cocktail ring is my favourite ring now!

  4. […] freaked out. apparently when he noticed I shifted my cocktail ring from my left hand to my right, he thought it was coz the ring was too big for the left hand, so he […]

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