Adventures of Yoshimi: Loysey’s Toy / Papa Palheta

Loysey’s Toy (by Papa Palheta) is a specialty coffee place tucked away some where in between Lavender and the canals of Beach Road. It’s at the foot of some abandoned looking warehouse, abuzz with life of chi-chi coffee drinker types. I mean who else would drive all the way out here to this isolated corner to drink coffee and stare in disdain at anyone who dare step across the threshold.

actually the staff at Papa are very nice and friendly. the disdain came from the overly made-up girl who was glaring at me.

A bucket of paint, distraught at the state of the warehouse, jumped to its death here.

Bryan likes the coffee here and would make me drive all the way to the Bukit Timah branch to buy his kopi hoon. He has 3 coffee makers at home. Once at one of those mom & pop shops, he wanted to buy one of those old school coffee socks the old uncles used to drain their coffees and make kopi-o.

For once the bigger cup on the left is mine, with lots of milk and lot less potency. Very yummy I must admit.



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  2. This is called Loysey’s Toy, also by Papa Palheta.
    But Papa Palheta is located at Hooper Road, a few minutes from Newton Circus.

    Just thought I’ll let you know 🙂

    1. Yup I know 🙂 just couldn’t be arsed to change it. Usually we go “do you wanna go to the lavender one or the bukit timah one?”

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