Happy Burbday: Annual Pilgrimage to No Signboard Seafood (Geylang)

Every family occasion is celebrated at a crab place, more often than not at No Signboard seafood at Geylang. Well almost every except for my brother’s fiancée, who is allergic to seafood. I think I’d rather be allergic to anything else in the world but seafood.

Mixed seafood pot. I seriously wonder what goes into the yummy sauce.


Stir fried eggplant. I love eggplant.


White pepper crab. My dad likes.


Chili Crab. so far I like No Signboard’s chili crab best. Long Beach’s crab is too sweet and caters to the tourist’s palate, Ban Leong one has a tinge too much ketchup, Jumbo’s crab seems more belachan-chili than the orange gravy we’re used to.


Fried man tou.

They’ve upgraded their area somewhat. Last time we used to have to loiter around the entrance while waiting for the valet to get our cars. It was kinda uncomfortable coz that is also a walkway for pedestrians and it being Geylang, there were a lot more sleazy looking types walking around. Since No Signboard is unfortunately located on the even numbered lanes of Geylang, which is where the red light business thrive, we looked like street walkers ourselves, loitering around like that. My dad and brother used to have to stand really close to us and glared at the other men.

As we drove down Geylang, Bryan looked around fondly for his beef horfun restaurant and went, “Bu yao le! NAHBEY!”


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