Lunch without make-up: Smiths Authentic Fish & Chips

Found at 230 Tanjong Katong Road, opposite our favourite June Eating House, is Smiths Authentic British Fish & Chips. I’m not sure what the authentic part is as it tastes like any other fish & chips to me but then that’s coz I don’t quite fancy fish & chips. given a chance, I’d rather eat the fish without the batter, which was what I ended up doing, peeling the crispy skin off and eating and moist flesh underneath, much to Bryan’s amusement. Personally I prefer my fish covered with soy sauce or cooked diao zhang style.

You put your order at the counter and wait for your number to be called. all your fish comes wrapped in paper, great for easy clean up after.

Overall it’s rather good as it doesn’t have the fishy smell or taste, and the batter is nice and light, and quite tasty when doused with generous amounts of vinegar. I got the cod while Bryan ordered the haddock. the haddock was rather dry but my cod was quite moist and tasty. definitely better than fish & co anytime, but I’m not too sure about driving all the way to the east just to eat this again.


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