Spending time with my dad

This morning while getting ready for work, I was ruing the fact that I don’t get to see my dad much anymore. Apart from spending half my time at Bryan’s place, when I’m at home, sometimes my dad’s out and by the time he’s back, I’m already in bed. I fondly thought of the week Bryan was in China for a week where I spent a lot of time with my parents almost everyday, and even spent an entire day with my dad car shopping. Privately I wished that I could have another day like that with my dad.

Then my car died.
Luckily it happened in the car park and not in the middle of the highway during peak hour traffic. I couldn’t start my car at all and I suspected that the battery was flat. The first person I called was my dad. Within minutes, he was driving into the car park in his jogging gear. He had been on his way to the reservoir for a casual jog when I called him. He parked his car in front of mine and tried to jump start my car but it didn’t work. So we called for the tow truck instead.

My baby being towed away 😦

Rather than sit in the tow truck with the grumpy tow guy, I sat in my dad’s car as we followed the truck to the workshop. after checking my car in, we went for lunch at a nearby coffee shop. There we talked about my brother’s wedding preparations and he told me about the Dinner of the In-Laws. As I sipped by carrot apple juice, he his kopi-o, my dad told me tales that I never knew before.

Done with lunch, we went to take a look at the show flat of the place we were eyeing, so we drove to the site and wandered around the show flat. We grabbed a copy of the property brochure and stood in front of the model as we discussed deeply the best non-afternoon sun facing block. Then he dragged me out into the hot sun and we started studying the geography around the area. we even went so far as to climb to the top floor of a neighbouring flat to get a better perspective. then we trekked around the proposed site to mark out the surrounding areas. We stood still as we listened to the roar of the traffic to determine the noise level. We loitered outside a nearby school to figure out how noisy school children can get.

I was vehement against facing a school while Bryan was against facing another flat. My dad, amused, asked why so, and wondered outloud if Bryan was planning to walk around the house naked. I recounted a conversation where we discussed what would happen if Bryan’s mom moved in with us and my first thought was, that I couldn’t walk around my own house naked. When I retold Bryan this conversation, he looked at me and said, you basically told your dad we will be seeing each other naked in future, if we haven’t yet already. it’s a good thing my dad has a sense of humour about such things.

by then my car was ready and my dad gave me a lift to the workshop to get it. I was just mighty pleased that I got to spend the day with my Dad. We had such a good conversation today. Just that I don’t need my car to die on me the next time I want to hang out with my dad again.



  1. fathers really are the best!

    1. yes they are! and in granting my secret wish, my dad offered to cook one of my favourites for dinner tonight! not only is he a good cook, he’s psychic!

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