Guess who sat in my car today?

When Bryan isn’t around, he gets to ride shotgun.

I started reading comics at a young age, not the Marvel or DC comics variety, but more of Tintin and his adventures, and of course the lovable Asterix and Obelix. The 2 adventure loving Vikings amused me to no end, the never-ending battles with the Romans drew giggles from me. I soon grew familiar with the villagers; Vitalstatistix the chief, Hydrophobia the fishmonger’s wife and Cacofonix the out-of-tune town bard. now upon reading their names as an adult, I realised what their names really mean.

Of course not forgetting the 2 stars, Asterix and Obelix.
looks a lot like Bryan and me eh?

Every time a person meets Bryan for the first time, they invariably ask the same 3 questions:

1. How tall are you?
2. Are your parents as tall as you?
3. Do you play basketball?

I think instead of rolling his eyes, he can say he fell into a tub of magic potion as a kid, but I doubt many would get it.

if they know him through me, they will ask me the 4th question: How do you 2 have sex? I AM NOT KIDDING. you have no idea how many times this stupid question has been asked of me.

The Asterix Grand Collection = WANT!


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  1. […] one (a foot high) was good enough for me. At least this one can sit in the car comfortably and keep Obelix company without taking up too much […]

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