Lunch without make-up series: Simply Bread

My Sundays are always lazy. I’d like to say it’s after a night of partying but unfortunately not as my partying days are over (12 years of partying does wear you down). I guess it’s the thought of the weekend ending that makes me wanna slow down and do as little as possible to drag it as long as I possibly can.

Lazy Sunday lunches are thus the order of the day. Ever since our Sunday lunch at Colbar, I’m now on the hunt for lunch places where I don’t put on make-up and not care about it. The usual searches on hungrygowhere got me nowhere. I tried gooogling “Lunch + Singapore” but all I got were chi-chi recommendations on ladyironchef’s website, which goes against my make-up-less decree. So it is with great difficulty that we found this little cafe at Guthrie House along 5th Avenue.

Simply Bread is a sandwich cafe, as the name suggests. It is a small simple cafe which serves a simple selection of sandwiches from ham & cheese to roast beef, on a variety of bread. One would expect the smell of freshly baked bread in a place such as this but I guess that’s reserved for those who turn up in the mornings. When we got there, the place was almost full with the lunch crowd which was an unfortunate thing as the place is low-ceilinged so the chatter was uncomfortably loud and annoying.

Roast Beef sandwich on Ciabatta. The sandwiches are full-bodied meat stacked between fresh vegetables in between thick slices of bread. All sandwiches are served with a side of coleslaw. You have other breakfast options such as french toast or ham and eggs. Or something simple like toast with butter and jam.

Ham & Cheese sandwich on garlic ciabatta, which I didn’t like very much, but then that’s because I don’t fancy sandwiches much myself. Strangely enough, I cannot eat my meat with bread, although I love them separately. So here I am eating my sandwich in parts; first the top layer of bread, then the greens, followed by the thin slices of ham. by the time I’m halfway through, I was about to give up on my lunch. The garlic was slightly overpowering and I guessed I’d have been better off with plain ciabatta or sourdough. Overall a little disappointing though since Bryan can make a sandwich as this by himself, which he did once for me when I had to pack breakfast to work.

Overall I don’t think I’ll go back there unless I forget how much I prefer not to eat sandwiches. It might be a nice place to hide but go only after the lunch crowd clears around 3pm.


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