Lunch without make-up series: Colbar

I was introduced to Colbar by Tricia on the day post Halloween. We were all suffering from different degrees of hangoverness and feeling like crap. All we wanted was a quiet place to have lunch before we headed home to sleep.

Colbar, which apparently stands for Colonial Bar at some point, is a quiet single storey building set at Portsdown Road. It is an unassuming place that doesn’t pretend to be a cool cafe that only good-looking people go to. in fact, the interior of the place looked a lot like an old school coffee shop, complete with the tiny square tiles from the 80s. the place was covered with old trophies and pictures from yesteryears. the place is run by an auntie with a few helpers.


The place is patronised by many ang mohs, which in itself surprising considering the layout of the place and the type of food. The food is a mix of western fry (mixed grill, chicken cutlet, etc) and asian (Hainanese pork chop rice, stir fried noodles, etc). However due to the white crowd, the prices of these things are a little higher than usual. The chicken cutlet I bought tasted like any other cutlet from a western food stall at a coffee shop, which would at most go for $5? At Colbar it was $10. Our Nescafe coffee was $1.80 per cup. They also have a wide selection of ales and ciders which makes this place most interesting.

But what I really like about this place is its quietness, apart from the children running around in the adjourning lawn. there are even big dogs lying around looking at the children. You can sit there and stare into space as your weekend ticks away. A great place to recover from a hangover. This place is so laid back you can turn up in t-shirt, shorts sans make-up.


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