I Love Zi Char series: Jin Long Seafood Restaurant

Always on the hunt for good salted egg crab ever since the one I tasted at Port Dickson, Malaysia 5 years ago. We’ve pretty much settled on the one at June Eating House which served the dry type which I very much preferred to the condensed milk version. However at Aaron’s insistence, we decided to check out the one at Bedok.

Jin Long Seafood Restaurant
Blk 412 Bedok North Avenue 2, #01-152 Singapore

Jin Long started out as a regular coffee shop zi char place where its popularity grew and it is now its own restaurant. Last night alone, there were 3 families celebrating grandma birthdays (yes they even played the cheesey HAPPY BIRTHDAY track for them), which attest to the fact that the food is good enough even for joyous occasions.

Tofu with chye poh. we picked this based on an ieatishootipost review. as tofus go, I prefer the softness and tastiness of the one at June, but the crispiness of the chye poh here gives it good flavour.

Sambal kang kong. Aaron is on some weird taste test to find the best sambal kang kong in Singapore. this one is not too spicy, which is good for Bryan’s weak palate but it’s mighty tasty due to the dried shrimp.

This is an amazing fine. usually I don’t order hor fun unless it’s something I can pack home for dinner but based on another review Aaron found, it came highly recommended and it’s amazingly good. the sauce is nice and thick, and is very very tasty without being too salty. the kway teow comes with the right amount of wok hei, which is the charredness you get when stir frying in a wok at extremely high heat. it adds a delicious burnt flavour which goes very well with the sauce. it was so good Bryan was inhaling his wok hei, which I thought was a little insane.

Since everyone had a favourite to try, we appeased Bryan with Thai Style pig trotters, in replacement of the pork knuckles at Junes. I typically don’t like Thai styled anything coz of the sticky sweet chili sauce. the meat on this pig leg was soft and succulent. both boys cleaned it to the bone.

And the reason for the 30min drive to the east arrived as last dish. I took a pincer and started licking the shell. there was a thin coat of salted egg clinging onto the shell which was mixed with curry leaf and some chili which gave the flavour a kick. it was surprisingly good that I started licking the shell earnestly, much to Aaron’s disgust. I even took the shell head in the end and licked the other side of the shell, totally ignoring the precious crab roe that most people usually go for.

Orh Nee, the nectar of Gods. actually it’s just yam paste with gingko nuts. Funnily I don’t like yam but I love orh nee. Jin Long’s orh nee is well-made, thick and sweet without being over-poweringly so.

Definitely worth the drive there. The service was unexpectedly good, where they separated the meat on the pig’s trotter for you and even served the horfun into individual bowsl before you could ask. There was this nice auntie who reminded us 5 times that the bowl of water with lime was for us to wash our hands. and she also made sure we really didn’t want to stick the entire trotter bone in our face and suck it dry before she removed it.

Parking is at regular HDB car park behind the restaurant.


Since we’re in the far east, we headed to Quarubar at Frankel Avenue, a chi-chi looking bar that serves a respectable range of whiskys (any place that serves Bryan’s Auchentoshan has gotta be of some standard) among other things. Alamay was present to sing a few evergrens and jazz hits. they had 2 tvs showing the Wigan vs Man U match. it was a nice place to chill at if you’re in the neighbourhood, minus the fact when Alamay is singing, you can’t even hear yourself. they should really adjust the volume a tad bit. you can park by the side of the road as the place is surrounded by landed property so no problems with parallel parking there.



  1. Awesome, thankyou so much for sharing!! I have many memories of this wonderful food , I am getting HUNGRY looking at all of this DELICIOUS Food !!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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