Magicka: co-operative play

Magicka has co-operative play, which means that you can play the game with someone else online, which is what Bryan and I have been doing the past few nights. co-operative means to co-operate, to do things together that’s beneficial to each other, not kill your girlfriend coz you cannot control your own lightning spells, or revive her dead body right into middle of fight only to have her die again. or even better, revive her right into the lightning shield you created to protect yourself, thereby killing her before she can heal herself. by the end of the 10th death, i was gave up screeching at him and just waited till he realises i’m putty and revives me when it’s finally safe.

the funny thing about Magicka is that it doesn’t allow you to save games, only saving them when you’ve completed each checkpoint but even then, the game doesn’t save if you quit, sending you back to the start of that level if you do. also, there’s no difficulty level, not that I could find. so the same level of difficulty becomes easy peasy with 2 players, that is until you kill your own girlfriend and you’re on your own.

the game also makes many pop culture references. I got a sword from Macleod standing off a cliff. in this screenshot above, there were zombies roaming around the swamp, which in itself is a very normal thing, except that the background tune sounds a lot like the soundtrack of Left 4 Dead. I have a ear for melody so I was psyched to identify it and pick up the reference.

Here’s another reference. if you can’t see, the king is on the platform lifting up a wizard with purple lightning shooting out of his hands, before tossing him into the abyss of a square hole (below platform). if you don’t know where this came from I don’t know you.

that’s me in the purple robe during the boss fight. that’s Bryan in the black robe hiding behind me.

at one point, Bryan lost his M60 gun and he was so upset we had to replay from Chapter 3 for him to get his gun again (we stopped at Chapter 12). I kept wondering why is he getting so attached to a fake gun until I got my Knife of counter-striking, which allowed me to walk around with haste (more speed). every time i died and lost my knife, I would go, “my knifeeeee!” and the only way to get it back was to replay that scene. so Bryan and I would walk our wizards off a cliff, die, and the scene would restart itself. My character would pop back with its knife in its hands again. after awhile, it wasn’t even a discussion. I must have my knife back in my hands no matter what.


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