Potty training your cat

Fido [what is that? another flappy thing? *ready to run*]


It is a kitty litter box. It is your new pee box. it’s bigger and has a roof coz you keep kicking the litter out of the old box. it also has a flap to keep the smell of your stinky pee in.

Now if only we can teach Grey to use it too.


Bryan carried Fido and stuffed him inside the litter box. Fido tried to resist at first so half his body was outside. I’m not sure how stuffing a cat into a box would teach him to pee inside. For my rabbit when she was younger and had to be potty trained, I had to scoop shit from her old tray and throw into new one so she would pee where the smell was. Bryan was convinced by sinking their feet into the litter, they would immediately pee where they should.


Fido [Fido finds no food here. Fido senses a trap. Like flappy things. ]


true enough, he didn’t pee in the new litter.
this is probably the 2nd funniest thing I’ve seen all week. He actually saw that the old tray was being tilted upside down to dry, so he squatted over the drain hole to pee. he has more manners than some human beings.



  1. lol. well at least he bothers to squat over the drain hole to pee! so crever!

    1. he acts like a retard sometimes but he’s very considerate actually. we have no idea how he figured out the drain hole is the best place to pee, outside of a litter box.

  2. My cat pees in the sink when he’s upset

    The litter box looks a bit small for him leh… And I think all cats kick sand out of their box sigh…

    1. i think it’s the cover their pee thing that they do hence the kicking. the new litter box has a higher side they have to step over but litter still flies out. but the smell is much better contained now. i can’t decide whether cat pee or rabbit pee stinks more.

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