Cats weren’t meant to fly

Fido [Fido isn’t happy with this. Fido thinks it’s Duke Orange’s fault for putting idea in head of masters, that lead to such disgrace and humiliation *hangs head in shame*]

Fido [When master scoop Fido up onto his lap, Fido thought getting hugs and snuggles and was purring with excitement. Imagine Fido’s surprise when master started putting funny flappy thing on Fido. Fido tried to struggle, but Fido is small cat.]

Fido [AH! what is this thing on Fido! Look at this humiliation! GAH! take it off Fido! no amount of cat food is gonna remove this shame from Fido’s memory forever and ever!]

Fido [No! what are you doing! no tying of bow! does not make Fido look any more regal!]

This is Fido with O.O expression, which is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen this week. he walked around the house fine with it but he kept stopping in his tracks as if to feel as if the wings were still there. towards the end, he seemed resigned to it and left it there. too bad they aren’t motorised wings. it’d be funny if we could make him hover around Grey (the other cat)

Grey [if i lie here pretending to be dead, they won’t try to put that thing on me. unlike stupid cat. HISS]



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    This is killing me. I’m LOL’ing at my desk. Poor Fido!

    1. that’s why Fido is my favourite cat! he’s so bully-able!

  2. Hahahahahahahaha! Fido looks damn forlorn! Especially in Pic #2!

    1. hahaha ya it’s like a cross between GAAAK GAAAAAK! THING ON MY HEAD! and but WHYYYYYYYYYY

  3. Lol poor fido

    As for your previous post actually the flat should just not be near a school. I use to wake up to screaming teenage girls playing volleyball or something

    1. Good grief! Where were the girls playing at? The court between blocks?

    2. my room faces the tennis court / basketball court. so if it weren’t teenage boys shouting at each other, it’s people grunting with every back hand -_-

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