This is our relationship

The other day we were at the car wash, waiting for our turn in a long line of cars. the wash was managed by a team of malay boys in their 20s. they worked in synchrony and with such playfulness it was a joy to watch them take pleasure in what they do. in between throwing suds at each other or fooling around with the water hose, the line of cars were all entertained by the boys’ antics.

I was watching one scrubbing intently at the wheels when i realised he was quite well muscled. I commented out loud to Bryan, who was in the car next to me and he raised an eyebrow. I WHAT him, and said you guys have your wet t-shirt car washes, why can’t I have my muscular arm car washes. All this was said while my eyes were still trained on those tanned arms.

as the cars moved along, I begin to notice all the other boys. One looked like Bani from 53A (I think he’s cute) with small mohawk, while the rest were varying degrees of cuteness. That’s when I casually commented that they should have car washes where the men do it topless. in this blistering heat of 33C, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind.

By now, Bryan’s eyebrows have reached his hairline (and his hairline is quite far away). I inched the car forward and the boys started spraying suds all over the car, covering all windows. I leaned over and pecked Bryan on the lips, “but you know I still love you right?”



  1. Hehe. Eug and I usually wait for them to throw suds on the windows to kiss. It’s just a thing we do. Dunno why. 🙂

    1. maybe it’s the whole dangerous naughty element to it 😛
      although if it were an ashton kucher and queen amidala movie, they’d have been bonking under the suds…

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