Our own Valentine’s Day

All day everyone’s been asking what am I doing for Valentine’s day and where was I going. I looked at them in the eye and plainly said, “we’re going to eat claypot chicken rice.”

You see whenever I crave for Claypot Chicken rice, I think of Tai Lok claypot chicken rice at Commonwealth hawker centre. I was first introduced to it by my old guild mates (yes we ate there on a Tuesday) and I love it. The rice is tasty and you get your own condiments tray to pour the black sauce to your heart’s content. However the hawker centre is slated to be torn down and no one seems to know where the stalls are going. Only too late did I find out yesterday that the place is closing for good this February.

Still hungering for Claypot chicken rice, I googled and found an old report written in Jan 2010 about some of the best claypot in Singapore. That’s when we decided to check them out.

Yuan Yuan claypot chicken rice
Brickworks ABC hawker centre, jalan bukit Merah, #01-38

the wait wasn’t too long as compared to the commonwealth one, perhaps coz it was a Monday night. When it arrived, they had already poured the black sauce on the rice, which after mixing it around was ample for us.

The rice wasn’t as tasty as the ones I’m used to. And because they didn’t cook it longer, the rice at the sides of the claypot weren’t crispy black as Bryan would like it. however the chicken was really tender and tasty, so much so I wish they had given us more.

Watercress soup, one of my favourites. I love these homemade soups. My mom used to cook these all the time and boy do I take them for granted. Now that she doesn’t cook anymore, I have to drink these soups outside and not many places boil them properly.

Of course a meal is never complete without Bryan over-ordering. These BBQ wings were pretty good with a tinge of honey. Gotta ask Bryan where he got them from.

And what’s a Valentine’s day without a gift? My favourite Kirin milk tea! This boy is truly thoughtful!



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    Every year since 2006, we celebrated Valentine’s with Hai Kee char kway teow at Margaret Drive. This year we traded up and went to Jumbo Seafood with my family. Happy Valentine’s!!

    1. is it the same 2-storey hawker centre as my claypot chicken rice? coz some people call that area Margaret drive too.
      (and if you happen to find my tai lok claypot, please let me know!)

      1. Ms Brightside · ·

        Yup I’m pretty sure it’s the same place!

  2. the kirin milk tea super shiok la. ❤ what an awesome valentine gift. haha.

    1. it is also super expensive! $7 for one big bottle like that. it really is a luxury!
      (my other favourite drink is Calpis :P:)

      1. that’s why i must drink a bottle a day whenever i’m in japan! shiok! :p

      2. Bangkok sells Calpis (small bottle) really cheap at their 7-11. so i drink until i lao sai.

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