Valentine’s Day nudge

The other day, Bryan was promoting his friend’s page on Facebook. Choo Yilin artisan jewellery. curious, I clicked on the link and was brought to Cate website. Yilin, while living in Bangkok with her partner, picked up jewellery design and crafting. The cate website showcases some of her pieces for sale. intrigued, i started clicking through her designs. They are all very pretty pieces, where most of them involved some sort of gemstone in a setting of some kind. She delves into a range of jewellery of which rings are what I’m more partial to. she even mixes it up with jade pieces. a very nice modern touch to a traditional piece of jewellery.

at the same time, cate has a nudge service where you can pick your top 3 choices and send them to your boyfriend / husband with a personalised note as a valentine’s day hint. cate very nicely taught me how to measure my finger, and when they finally sent the email to Bryan, even bcc me in it.

Note say: Instead of buying your 10 cartons of beer, you can spend your money here! Thank you for introducing your friend’s website!

I didn’t mention anything about the website, neither did he. so we pretended that we didn’t see / send the email until one day, he text me while I was at work and asked if mail sent to my office will be personally brought to my desk or left in the pigeon hole. I said it depended if it were bulky item or registered mail, there’s a chance they might call me to reception to pick it up. however my office admin department opened all mail to check for soiled panties or anthrax (I feel very safe in this company) so they might open whatever I receive. he ho hum for a bit and the conversation died. I didn’t think much about it until much later in the evening when I was photocopying something, I glanced at my pigeon hole and realised that I indeed had something.

I ripped the package open and I found this:

Excited, I opened the box and sitting prettily inside there was one of the rings I picked.

Well sorta. He didn’t pick the first one coz he didn’t like it (huh? but I’m wearing it…) and the second one I picked was out of stock so Yilin personally called him up and asked if he minded another colour gemstones and he said sure why not. so I got light amethyst and I haven’t figured out what’s the other one yet. looks like aquamarine, which would be pretty cool since that’s my birthstone.

If you wondered why he didn’t give it to me personally, that’s because he couldn’t get it delivered to his school for fear of losing it so the next safest bet was my office.



  1. Nice!

    1. of course nice! i choose one! hehe

  2. […] night I saw Burbur wearing the Valentine’s Day gift that she received asked for from Bryan, and what do you know, it was by Choo Yilin. Brybur were […]

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  4. “Instead of buying your 10 cartons of beer, you can spend your money here!”

    Hahahahahaha! Where do you come up with lines like that!

    1. but it’s true what. the Heineken fridge vs walk in closet argument holds true here!

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