New Game: Magicka

Magicka is an action-adventure game, a bit like Diablo where you point and click to move about the map, but a little different as it’s less slash-and-hack but has more of a magical element in it. you’re given 8 elements to play with (Earth, Wind, Fire.. go go Captain Planet!) and by mixing and matching some elements, you get a series of power moves to use throughout the game.

A very simple game with a very simple set-up. you choose your wizard’s name and the colour of his robes. no funky facial features or class racial to play around with. you’re a wizard. period.

The game is a little silly in itself. although there are English subtitles, the voice over is speaking a mix of gibberish and something that sounds Vikingish. You start off at a party when some doofus accidentally zaps something and you crash into the dungeon. as you find your way out, you go through a tutorial where they introduce each element to you, slowly teaching you that different combinations give you different attacks, sometimes albeit surprise attacks.

Here I mix electricity with arcane to get this lovely hue of purple and pink. this soon became my favourite spell as i electrocute everything in my path.

“Thank you! Suddenly the rats in my cellar don’t seem so bad after all. I’d be happy to give you the coins anyhow, but there doesn’t seem to be a proper inventory in this game. Ah well, tough luck.”

After saving a villager from a band of goblins, she tried to give me coins but she’s right, there isn’t an inventory system on this game. so without inventory, means no loot. every goblin dies without a shower of coins. I’m armed with one staff and one sword. If i were to pick up another staff, i toss the other one away. I have no money as it seems i have no need of. I go round saving villagers from goblins and ogres from the kindness of my heart, not for the love of gold.

this game truly goes against my principles.

“Now if only I could get rid of the exclamation mark that’s been following me around lately.”

I didn’t catch the sarcasm and circled the villager for a bit trying to find a way to complete the quest and get rid of the exclamation mark. years of gamer training and brain washing has led to the eradication of many punctuation points in this century. I was taught here to leave her ! well alone.

Adventures lead you many places. Dark scary caves.

I wish I could show you pictures of the fights but it’s truly intense that I don’t have time to hit screenshot. but if you want to see some action, just click here. it’s a really fun and simple game, except for some parts where you accidentally hit a combination of elements and some cool thing happens on screen, and then you don’t know how you did it so you can’t repeat it again.


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  1. OMG, the first picture reminds me of Septimus Heap books!

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