I saw Taylor Swift (Live in Singapore)

My ex, who is Taylor Swift’s number 1 fan, was dying to go to her concert. He called me one day and asked if I wanted to go. If the telephone lines could express my WTF expression, he’d have gotten the message. I guess he did coz he went please please please I don’t know who else to ask. And because he’s a friend for life and he’s also been to concerts with me just coz I asked, I said FINE. But only if he paid for it, coz there’s no way am i paying $138 for Taylor Swift.

The concert ticket stated that it was to start at 730pm, perhaps so the little children could go home before bedtime. There were so many little girls running around Indoor Stadium screaming in excitement, it was a little scary. We were wondering whether to stop for food before the concert or head in on time when I overheard on radio on the drive there that there was an opening act.

DJ 1: Today is I Love Taylor Wednesday!
DJ 2: Yes! it’s her concert today! I think it starts at 8pm.
DJ 1: ya but these things rarely start on time. I hear there’s an opening act?
DJ 2: Yes! Sezali Sezari is opening for her.
DJ 1: aiyah then don’t need to go so early lah

I laughed.  good thing I changed to this radio station in time to catch that tidbit so I met my ex for light bites and beer before we headed in.

By the time we entered it was 830pm and Taylor was probably in her 2nd or 3rd song, which was a song my ex liked so we had good timing. I bumped into a colleague whose husband is a musician so I guess he was playing for Sezali Sezari (his name cracks me up), hence they had tickets to Taylor. However they were walking in the wrong direction (away from concert) so I guess they weren’t fans either.

We managed to squeeze our way among these screaming girls to our seat, which were occupied by a bunch of other children whom we chased away. for the next one hour I sat there watching Taylor Swift and wondered what lipstick she was wearing. I recognised about 4 songs, clapping and swaying when I was supposed to. I also had to put up with the sighs of love coming from my side, or the frequent proclamations of love to TS (i’m tired of writing her name) from my ex.

Mid concert, she walked down the stage to cut across the crowd to the little stage set up near the back so she could be closer to her fans who didn’t get front row seats. they went nuts. first the fans tried to touch her while she made her slow progress down to the 2nd stage. then the fans at the back section went nuts when she sang a few ballads. when she made her way back to the main stage, i saw someone grab her hair coz her head jerked back a bit. Kids, don’t hurt your favourite singer ok? All this while my ex was saying TS should come to our side of the stadium and sit on his lap.

See what I had to put up with all night?

capture of her on TV screen coz the stage was too far and iphone too small.

Speaking of TV screens, the one they brought in to set-up behind her was fantastic. it’s like high definition TV or something with 3D effects coz when they had a video of some enchanted forest with fairy dust and shit, it really looked like there was depth in the forest.

I spent the rest of the time staring at TS. She is admittedly quite pretty and sang quite okay, although she did squeak at one particularly high note. She obviously loved the attention her fans were showing her as they were s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g all night and you could tell she was pretty overwhelmed from the way her eyes glittered in the light.

The kids turned up with light sticks and homemade banners. it was pretty cute. one said “I was enchanted to meet you” which I totally didn’t get until she sang the song. there were some dressed in I ❤ Taylor t-shirts. I volunteered to buy concert tee for my ex but he gave me a dirty look.

She also sang 15, which appealed to the average age tonight. and this song that sounded like “I want to be like Taylor Swift” but then I could be wrong.

The concert ended with one of her Romeo and Juliet song and the lights came on around 930pm. That’s when all the children ran out to the backstage door where they hung around there waiting for her. As I was driving out, suddenly the crowd started screaming her name and people started running in front of my moving car to get to her! crazy! I wouldn’t even run in front of a moving car to get to Radiohead. They probably wouldn’t care who I am. So kids if you’re reading this, don’t run in front of moving cars! TS probably doesn’t care who you are!

So in all a pretty good concert in terms of energy level and performance. she had a few dress changes and she interacted well with the children, which frankly wasn’t that hard coz they were still screaming as they were walking out of the stadium. However I can’t help but feel that children these days are really lucky to see their favourite singers. When I was 15, Debbie Gibson who NEVER have heard of Singapore, much less think about coming here for a concert. we probably didn’t have indoor stadium then. and even if she did come, I probably would never have been able to afford her tickets. My dad would probably call me I’m crazy if I asked him to buy tickets or even go with me. I looked around myself and I saw a lot of parents who accompanied their children (which meant double the amount you would have to pay) or at least bought the tickets for their daughters while they waited outside. My section was $138 and there were a lot of $138 teens in my section. Kids are either really rich these days, or they are damn lucky to have such giving parents. So children, the next time you bitch about your parents, remember, YOU GOT TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    15? My TWELVE year old niece was there. With her classmates.

    1. now that you mentioned it, there were some smaller girls at the concert. i cannot imagine all of them wanting to be like Taylor Swift when they grow up *shudder*

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