Singaporean drivers aren’t that bad

Anyone who drives invariably has something to complain about other drivers. Other drivers who do not signal as they change lane, other drivers who hog the roads, other drivers who cut your lane too suddenly, other drivers who do things you would never do in your life. It’s always something that some Other driver does that pisses you off. Road rage is a common thing, whether in a small or big way and even the nicest person on my livejournal circle can be prone to screaming and shouting in the confines of the car.

How often then do we notice those who are not bad drivers? The ones who do signal or give way when you’re trying to filter into their lane? A taxi driver actually gave way to me while I was trying to turn out into his lane and I waved him thanks. How often do you wave at someone in thanks coz they were courteous to you on the road? How often did someone wave to you coz you gave way to them?

Perhaps it’s because people expect these things that they take the small stuff for granted. We all talk about appreciating the small things in life, or the small things your loved one does for you. How about appreciating the small things that other drivers to for you? I think it will make the roads a better place to drive on.

Which leads me to what happened today. I was driving along CTE (central expressway) this morning stuck in peak hour semi-traffic when I hear the sirens of an ambulance. I glanced at all mirrors but didn’t see anything so I assumed that the ambulance was on the road going the other way. Suddenly, the huge Mercedes on my right started inching into my lane and I looked at him alarmed when I realised why, coz the ambulance was right next to him trying to  squeeze through the rightmost lane. now I don’t think they teach you in driving school what to do but the School of Life dictates that I try to give way to the Mercs so he could give way to the ambulance. the car in front wasn’t moving so I signaled left and tried to inch into the lane on my left. 2 cars went by before a huge ass lorry looming into my left view mirror started slowing down and gave way to me. The Mercs turned into my lane and the ambulance sped down the road that is now mostly cleared by the cars in front. I guess it was partially stuck because of me not reacting quick enough to the Mercs, as all this while I was thinking perhaps the ambulance siren was coming from the radio.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself and said I did that little bit by giving way to an ambulance in need, along with all the other drivers. I’ve heard some say that in Singapore, drivers don’t know how to give way to emergency vehicles the way they do in Western countries. well today proved them wrong. Others would say, this deed goes without saying! But I feel that every good deed shouldn’t go unmentioned.

This definitely made my day and I was smiling for the rest of my drive.



  1. Singaporeans know how to give way to emergency vehicles… because they know that if they don’t, they get fined.

    1. oh ya i forgot about that. but i like to see the good side in people so i’ll live in my own fantasy world where everyone gave way coz they wanted to 🙂

    2. like!

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