Superbowl Commercials 2011

The best commercials I feel, sometimes come out during Superbowl, the biggest game in American Football to happen annually. analogically, it’s like the final game between Man U and Chelsea for the League title. And not surprising considering the viewership it attains in that one game itself across America is the highest in the entire year.

So here are some of my favourites to come out this year:

Volkswagen: The Force
A kid dresses up as Darth Vader and practices the use of the Force around the house. I can’t say which I want more now, a Volkswagen or a kid so I could dress him up as Darth Vader.

Vokswagen: The Beetle
You’d have to admit that this is quite cool, the level of detail is amazing. Of course it’s animation and not a real beetle racing around the forest but it doesn’t make it any less cool.

Homeaway (for superbowl)
I gotta admit, I picked this solely for the part with the test baby.

Doritos: Best Part
This ad is well executed. It plays on the premise of what is the best part of Doritos and surprisingly, it’s not the chips themselves.

Pepsi Max: Love Hurts
I didn’t get what this ad was trying to say until the Pepsi Max can showed up then it was a lightbulb over my head, which meant I missed out on the nuances at the first few opening scenes which was a pity. However this ad wins coz it gives me ideas on what diet I could put Bryan on next.

Audi: Goodnight
So many reasons to love this commercial. it has a fairy tale like feel to it which I love. It also has a subtle jibe at one of his competitors, convincing its target audience to say goodnight to the old and welcome the new and sophisticated. and of course it’s the Audi A8. what other reason can there be?

There’s also the much anticipated Coca Cola ad and since the games won’t begin till much later and Coca Cola’s team of interns has removed all online sources of their ads, we’d have to wait another 24 hours before we see it.

Source: The Gawker



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