Feast of Everest Kitchen

Beautiful Nepalese dinner at New Everest Kitchen at 55 Chandar Road

They were showing the tv promo of some Asian food show where local star Kumar was going gaga over curries and I suddenly had a craving for curry, when I don’t usually like curry. Talk about power of suggestion.

Bryan was surprised when I mentioned Everest as it was one of his favourite restaurants (he loves all manners of Indian or like-Indian food) and we rarely go there. We bravely drove to Little India on a public holiday. And yes if you’re wondering. Little India on public holiday is as bad as it is on Sundays. The locals were crossing the street like they owned it and the cars were the ones trespassing.

Everest was almost full when we got there. We ordered the usual:
Momo: deep fried dumplings (or Americans call them pot stickers – which I find amusing) with minced meat served with orange curry sauce at the side

Butter chicken: pieces of chicken coated with a rich layer of butter cream sauce

Goat cheese with spinach cream sauce

Eggplant curry

Mutton Vindaloo, very very spicy mutton curry cooked with tomatoes and potatoes. EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

All this with my favourite butter naan and a pot of Nepalese tea (actually masala tea). I usually order a glass of mango lassi but I had a cough it’s doctor’s orders to avoid anything sour.

Nepalese food is a lot like north Indian food, using a lot of yoghurt, cream and vegetables like eggplant, chickpeas and tomatoes. It’s vert rich and a nice pot of tea at the end washes everything down nicely.

So we were talking about A’s girl when he mentioned she wore braces. I mused out loud what it was like kissing someone wearing braces and if you’d hurt yourself by grazing against the metal bits. A was about to reply when Bry interrupted by saying not really, obviously taking reference from his previous experience with his ex, whom we fondly refer to as Metalmouth. I shot Bry a glare and said who asked his opinion (how dare he think of her in such context). He obviously found it hilarious, laughing till his belly ached.

Humph. It’s going to be a long time till we visit Everest again.


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