The Witcher

I decided to try a not-so new game today. Launched in 2007, Witcher is a single player RPG about some dude who while out saving a damsel in distress, got struck down by something mysterious and was not so heroic anymore. this is the pre-story to the game, which lasted 7 minutes long. it’s almost like watching a fantasy movie about dragons and magic.

7 minutes later, I thought that was it when another movie started to show what happened after they found the original dude years after he saved the damsel. another few more minutes of back story and I almost fell asleep from waiting.

The fight style was pretty strange. half the time my character was running in circles (couldn’t get the hang of controlling camera view) and the other half I was hacking away at the bad guys and missing. i was about to give up when the female of the group appeared.

BOOBIES! what is a computer game without BOOBIES!!

This is the hero, Geralt.

The hero suffers from amnesia but he has some friends.

Even ugly ones too.

There are monsters. or a rather giant praying mantis.

some magic.

even some dancing. (or what looks like dancing, although i’m sure it’s meant to be fighting).


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