Wedding bells a ringing

I am now my brother’s wedding planner.

My younger brother proposed to his girlfriend during New Year’s Day under the light of the fireworks at the stroke of midnight. In the sea of people celebrating the new year, he asked her to be his forever and of course she said yes. He told me the next day while we were at a wedding lunch (who fixes a wedding lunch on New Year’s Day?) and he asked if I could help with the planning. I told him to check with his girlfriend first.

So now I’m in-charge of everything on the groom’s side and the wedding banquet itself. for the solemnization and the traditional tea ceremony, I’m in charge of making sure my brother wakes up on time and leaves the house with his pants on. perhaps even holding the rings right to the very end.

As for the wedding banquet, the couple would make most of the decisions from choice of location to layout, but I’m there to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day itself, right down to the first dish song (i’m so tempted to choose Chariots of Fire or The Final Countdown – can I? can I?).

I got really excited. I love planning and organising. Already I was picturing myself walking around with a planner in my hand. as my brother outlined the details, I interrupted him and asked if I could a ear piece so I can command people from my phone. he said he will get walkie talkies even. I asked if they came with ear pieces and he sighed patiently. I blabbered on about how I could hook the walkie talkie to my waist and walk around with a ear piece, but then I belatedly realised a belt wouldn’t look good with a dinner gown. He sighed and I realised I was going off on a tangent.

Right. ear piece not important. what’s important is that I get myself one of those fancy wedding planner books. I shall go shopping tomorrow!


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