Driving Miss Burbur

people have asked how goes driving?

well, at the start, driving was scary. I drove till both my arms cramped up from gripping the wheel so tightly. every time a big vehicle like a bus or truck squeeze by me, I try not to shy away from them. every time a motorbicycle roar past me, I cringe. I panic every time I get into the car and my legs are soft minutes after I get out of my car.

4 weeks later, I’m more confident about driving. I don’t cringe as much, I drive past big vehicles while still staying in my lane. When I’m stuck behind an uncle motorcycle (you know, those old motorcycles driven by Uncles going 50km/hr on the centre lane on the highway), I will shout outloud, not like he can hear me, “UNCLE AHHH!!!!” I once drove down all of BKE shouting that every other second. The other day, this uncle in a Mazda RX8 was doing god knows what so I drove around him and thought to myself, “wa lao! don’t know how to drive an RX!” Once a car cut into my lane suddenly and I calmly raise a middle finger at him.

But I’m not always calm. The other day, this old man cut into my lane suddenly before swerving out when he noticed me belatedly but I had already hit my brakes. As my brain was mentally screaming at him, he cut back in, across 2 lanes to the left, then realised that wasn’t the exit he wanted to take, then cut back into the original lane on the right. All this before I realised I forgot to honk at him. There are those who suggested that it’s never too late to honk, even so much as to follow him to his destination and park my car behind his and sitting on the horn.

Other than old people, everything has been pretty okay. I plan to earn as much car karma as possible by giving way to people coz it’s simply easier to do so. signal? I’ll let you in. so far, I’ve managed to filter lanes fine coz I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by nice drivers. either that or there’s a sign that I can’t see that says, “BEWARE! FEMALE DRIVER!”

Driving with Bryan in the passenger seat has been interesting. With 11 years experience on the road, it seemed like he was the one driving the car with voice commands while I’m just moving the wheel. We had our first argument when he suggested I filter into the fast lane and I did without checking properly, quickly swerving back into my lane when I saw a black car looming up too quickly. I was pissed at myself for not taking control. We rarely fight but the mood in the car exploded right after that incident.

But we soon we learnt to enjoy the ride with each other in thee car. I’m getting less tense when it comes to driving, Bryan learnt to be more patient. Soon, he was snoring in the car once the engine started and I’m smoothly turning around corners and cruising down highways. My parking is getting better. Once I reversed into the lot without having to adjust at all and I gave myself a round of applause.

So anyone reading this, GIVE WAY TO ME! coz I’m small and I can’t see anything.


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