World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Day 1

I stopped playing World of Warcraft for almost 1.5 years, after having been on it for 5. when I logged back on, I found myself parked at Dalaran facing the innkeeper. it was disorienting for a bit but I soon found my way around.

A quick glance at wowwiki showed that the action starts at Mount Hyjal which was on another continent. I ran to where I remembered the portals were but I couldn’t find them. After running in circles and getting lost in Dalaran, I checked wiki again where it’s stated that the portals were removed just before Cataclysm was launched. geez. they should have the decency to at least post signs up inside Dalaran. So I guess the old-fashioned method of traveling would have to do. I cracked my brain and remembered the route back to Orgrimmar.

On board the good ol’ zepplin.

Orgrimmar has changed a lot. I landed on one of the upper platforms and immediately got lost. So i did the next best thing: running in circles.

Apparently you can now fly in the old lands, just ask your trainer for help. with some gold you can do almost anything.

Before I could fly around to explore the place, Bryan showed up in his Druid Tauren. so we took a couple picture. it’s funny when he logged on and greeted me the same way he has been greeting me since way before we got together as a couple.



  1. Hey, I found your blog while looking for something else and thought I would let you know that WoWWiki moved to a new site called WoWPedia. WoWWiki was abandoned a while back.

    1. hey thanks for the heads up! i feel so lost in the game! any clues to what’s the website for UIs now?

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