Suntanning by Kata Beach, Phuket

We spent the afternoon by Kata Beach in Phuket. it costs 400 baht to rent 2 deck chairs for the entire day.

As we laid there in the blistering sun, hawkers strolled by us presenting their wares. they sold all sorts of strange things; sun dresses, bandannas, elephant carvings, lamps, huge fans with paintings on it, wooden vases. this guy here looked like he was selling porn DVDs.

it was peak season in Phuket, with many tourists flocking from Europe, mostly Russians and Swedes, judging by the Russian shop signs i saw everywhere. they all turn up pale and fat and after sitting in the Phuket sun for a day, they all leave burnt and fat. the number of fat people walking around Phuket was amazing. they didn’t care if everything was spilling out over their waistbands. i watched one woman 4 times my size wobble past me in a bikini straining to hold it all in. some went as far as to sit around topless so to avoid tan lines. unfortunately, all i saw this holiday were saggy boobs.

there were very few hot chicks at the beach that day so I was lucky to have these 3 sitting in front of me. the one on the right had a really nice tan. she was really fair underneath her bikini.

table 21 ordered a coconut with rum and a malibu mixed fruit juice.

there were a lot of sea sports available for the adventurous. here, someone was strapped to a parachute which was tied to a speed boat. it took 5 guys to get 1 guy up; 1 on the speedboat, 2 on either side of the parachute, 1 behind the parachutist, 1 at the back, all holding up the parachute as the boat slowly picked up speed.




so fun! i wanted to go but didn’t in the end coz the thought of one of the guys jumping onto my shoulders as I lift up into the air didn’t seem appealing. I’m not sure why they require one of the guys to ride tandem with you. perhaps worried that you might cut the ropes and drift off away.

it got too hot so we headed back to our hotel to jump into the pool right outside our bedroom.


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