A week in Phuket: Kata Beach

I thought i’d post pictures of our Phuket trip than start on Cataclysm.

we spent a week at Kata Beach, Phuket at a lovely hotel called Sugar Palm Hillside. Kata Beach is the quieter of her cousins Karon and the horribly crowded Patong. it has a good mix of a quieter neighbourhood and enough night life that you don’t get too bored. as you can tell from the picture, we had to climb a very steep slope every day to get to the lobby. Bryan would always push me up the slope even without me asking.

The last time I went Phuket I was a wee one so I didn’t remember much of it except jumping by the sea screaming everytime the waves lapped my ankles. I’ve never been a beach holiday type of person either until I started dating Bryan and finally begin to enjoy holidays where I do absolutely nothing except snorkel and get a tan.

Our hotel room opens directly to the swimming pool, how amazing is that. My agent actually upgraded us to the Jacuzzi suite but when we saw this pool we decided to stay where we were. even before we unpacked, we got into our swimsuits and jumped right in. There’s a bar at the other end of the pool so we swam over and ordered a Mango Daiquiri. the pool is made of 3 parts where the water will overflow into the one below. Every time Bryan jumped in, there will be an alarming PLOOOMP sound and all the water will flow into the next.

There was a seafood restaurant outside our hotel called Orchid Restaurant. they served only the freshest. it’s very serene to sit by the railing and watch the cars go by.

Down the hill at the junction there are rows of restaurants and shops that you can finish exploring within a night.

my favourite street side food in thailand: Banana Pancakes. they slap the dough onto the sizzling hot plate and throw cut bananas on it before cutting it into bite sized pieces and serving it to you covered with honey drizzle. i could eat this every other day.

Phuket was peppered with shops that sold swimsuits, slippers and floats. I was tempted to get the shark one.

We biked up the beach from Kata to Karon to Patong to Kamala to Surin and stopped at Bang Tao Beach when we realised it was a Muslim town with no naked ladies. along the road was an elephant camp *sad face* with many cute elephants carrying tourists back.


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