Arbite // Happy Birthday Evonne!

I came across Arbite while flipping through 4 female magazines while at the hair salon for 5 hours. there was a spread on new cafes that opened up around Singapore. What caught my eye was Arbite, a little cafe right smack in the centre of Serangoon Gardens and when we were looking for a place to have a birthday brunch, we thought we’d try it, when we couldn’t make reservations at Rider’s. which was a good thing considering how hot today was.

The place is really small and can probably only sit about 35 people. When we got there, there was a table of people with young kids having their cupcake birthday celebration. I unfortunately took the chair nearest to that table so I had to put up with the screaming children the entire time. After sleeping only 4 hours post-Zoukout, I was ready to murder the shit out of them. I shot the children so many dirty looks that one of the dads noticed and tried to keep his son quiet. YES PEOPLE! there are others out there who REALLY DON’T LIKE CHILDREN! i spent half of my lunch with one finger in my ear. at one point, that 5 year old boy was literally standing next to me jumping up and down. it’s like God decided to punish me and have a good laugh while at it.

random pictures on the wall.

our mission now is to find food places that don’t allow children in. or has a play corner for kids which is a sound proof box made of 20 inch thick glass which we can put them in.

I asked the waitress what was good. she recommended the Seafood Stew, which looked nice but was alright. Mich didn’t like it coz it was a tad watery, while Tiny found it a little salty.

The other recommendation was the Tagliatelle with Mushroom and Parma Ham. this was probably the best dish of the lot although we felt it was a little salty (even without the parma ham).

Mich chose the Salmon on toast, which she found a little salty. i like the melted cheese on egg.

I decided to try one of their other recommendations, Asian Moroccan Chicken. I’ve never had Moroccan food before so I’m not sure if it’s an accurate interpretation but it tasted like chicken satay to me. rather disappointing.

Food blogs recommended My Wife’s Chocolate Cake. I don’t like chocolate but this wasn’t too bad.

Nougat Cheesecake, where the peanut bits on top tasted a bit old, as if they’ve kept it for too long.

Lemon Curd Tart. I like this one but it’s a bit too sour.

The birthday girl looking her best. I realised she likes to wear tops with come hither necklines.  we took photos with my new Fuji Instant (polaroid camera) with the Hello Kitty film. we spent the entire afternoon there (it was such a joy when the children left) coz a friend was two hours late. There was a comment card on the table where we wanted to write, “everything is a tad bit giam (salty).” Maybe the chef went Zoukout the night before and didn’t sleep well.  don’t think we’ll come back again though.



  1. I think PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill has a no kids-sign outside. Whether or not it’s strictly enforced, I’m not sure. ;P

    1. but PS cafe is still quite crowded with the chi-chi crowd right?
      who wants to lend me their kid to try? “har? no kids? how about i tie the kid to the door post? no?”

  2. shrieking kids can be quite annoying…especially if they are rude and are not taught how to behave….loved this very candid post!

    1. they were just being kids; hyperactive, loud, noisy. nothing overly obnoxious. i know very few kids can sit quietly and contemplate the meaning of Ben Ten so I didn’t do more than glare at them. but BOY with only 4 hours of sleep the night before, they were REALLY testing my patience! perhaps all children should come built with a mute button 😀

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