Tangled (Rapunzel let down your hair)

[Warning Spoilers ahead] When they started showing the trailer for Tangled, I got awfully excited. Finally a Disney movie of the old style: princess in trouble. man arrives to save her. they sing a few songs. the wicked witch is taken care of. they live happily ever after. I must admit I’m a sucker for Happy Endings and Disney is great with happy endings. Ever since Little Mermaid and Beauty & the Beast, I’ve always loved the Disney princesses and their stories. Oh and not forgetting the incessant singing throughout the movie.

Tangled, if you haven’t realised by now, is the story about Rapunzel. She lives high up in a castle since the day the evil witch stole her away, the world oblivious to her existence. She was fated to live this life forever until a thief, handsome charming Flynn lands himself in her tower and the adventure begins.

Official Trailer

the story is run of the mill Disney but what I really love are the jokes throughout the movie. where Rapunzel, once she got out of the tower she’s been dying to leave for awhile now, vacillates between utmost joy of freedom and despair at having lied and defied her witch mother. i swear i laughed so loudly at this part.

Spoilers in movie clip

the other amazing parts about the movie are the side characters. the thugs from Snuggly Duckling she meets along the way, the horse Maximus that’s determined to catch the thief, and the cute chameleon Pscal that’s Rapunzel’s best friend.

Spoilers in movie clip

I love this movie and I enjoyed it tremendously, probably because I love the magic that Disney brings.

okay now I know how I want to be proposed to


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