Top 10 reasons why Mass Effect 2 is so awesome

Mass Effect 2

Completed 5 December 2010, 143pm

Rest of the story here.

1. Awesome cut scenes like these

Even the aliens waited for the perfect sunset for this Kodak moment.

2. Martin Sheen as the voice of The Illusive Man

every time the illusive man spoke, I wet my panties.

3. Zombies

They never get old. (pun pun)

4. Awesome battle scenes!

And Shepard is shooting.

And she is running.

And she makes the epic HUHHHHHHHHHH! jump

5. Funny scenes begging to be captioned

“Psst. Got mint?”

6. Boobs

I’ve yet to play a male-domianated computer game where the female characters weren’t all horribly voluptuous. Not that I’m complaining.

7. Pole Dancing

8. Lesbian Encounters

‘Nuff said.

9. Jack

This is Jack. She’s like badass cool with lots of tattoos. she’s also one of the most powerful fighters in the game. I think I have a crush on her.

10. Useful Facts of Life tips

In between loading scenes, the game advises on how you should play your game. Sometimes it’s useful short keys or in-game battles techniques. Sometimes it’s quietly polite, sometimes it’s dryly sarcastic. My favourite one has got to be the ones from World of Warcraft which advises its players that you should spend adequate amount of time offline with your real life friends as you do online with your online friends. that one wins.


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