Happy Birthday Germaine!

It was Germaine’s 27th Madhatter’s Party at Food For Thought (Queen Street) this afternoon. I must admit this place is 100 times lovelier than the cramp little corner at North Bridge Road. They really need to do something with that place. It has that awful cooked food smell that permeates even your pores (seriously open kitchen concept is so 90s).

Food For Thought (or FFT) centres around the idea of giving. I think it’s run by Christians or such as they have holy text pasted on their walls. but they also talk about giving to the needy and the less fortunate. Which went well with this party’s gift theme: all moneys will go to SPCA. all the cute little woof woofs and meow meows will get a little something thanks to Germaine and James!

The ceiling was covered with glass bottles which looked very pretty from where we sat. It’s out of reach of anyone until someone walks by with a Hello Kitty party balloon.

This shelf had strange quirky items from plastic bags with the red merlion head to beanie monkey dolls. I’m not sure what the concept was.

When we first entered, we had to register ourselves “Through the Looking Glass.” I was a champion backward writer.

We were each given food and drink coupons. so fun! it’s like a funfair!

True to the theme, Germaine appeared in the coolest looking necklace. She froze while I snapped this picture so her boobs wouldn’t accidentally rise out of her neckline.

The menu of the day.

Crazy faces at a Madhatter’s Party.

I got the Linguine. it’s okay. not fantastic.

The Earl Grey Latte is really nice.

The invisible clock on the wall, much like a Cheshire Cat’s smile.

This two look so cute.

We played a few rounds of Quiz based on the theme of black and red. When deciding on our team name, we came up with Legen-wait-for-it-Dary, suggested by Aaron who’s on a “How I Met Your Mother” binge. so all our answers had “wait for it” in it. we got bonus points for our effort, 11/10 for the Red round.

The party had lots of laughs. especially when everyone was trying to guess what “Redwood Seconds” meant. Eugene’s answer was the best: “it is the amount of time it takes for one to get an erection”.

Aaron had some beer.

What’s everyone looking at?

There was a Cosplay thing next door with a bunch of people dressed up as Sailormoons. that wasn’t surprising. what was surprising was that they started doing a dance together. We were amazed that someone actually choreographed the entire thing and they probably had to practice together. E for Effort.

myself and the pretty birthday girl! The picture is kinda blurry because Tricia decided to breathe while snapping this shot. Tsk!

flowers and cupcakes! lovely! i had the red velvet ones.

There’s something growing out of my head!

Happy Birthday Germaine! (were we really two days late?)



  1. “based on the time in seconds taken for fluid to flow through a standard orifice” CORRECT WHAT!

    I think Germaine’s necklace is damn cool too!

    OK 3 out of 7 trappist beers done. Now to find the other 4….

  2. […] I’m a big fan of Food for Thought – I had my birthday party at the 8 Queen Street branch last year, and it was awesome. (Read about it and see photos on my friends’ blogs.) […]

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