The many faces of Fido: from greatness to dehness

Fido has a new spot. It’s on top of a wine cooler we got recently. I guess cats like to look down on the world from their top of the world.

Since he’s now at face level, sometimes I’d stop by the wine cooler and meow at him. He loves the attention so much that he goes into a purring orgasm. All I have to do is stand there and go MAO? and he starts rubbing his face all over the wooden surface to display his pleasure.

Sometimes he lounges on top with his paw hanging off like Cleopatra would, if she had a wine cooler to lounge off.

I MAO? somemore and he goes into a quivering fit of happiness, rubbing and squirming all over the wine cooler, his claws extending. He tried to reach out to me so I had to shy away to make sure he doesn’t carve hearts on my forehead.

Fido pretending he’s a cute kitten.

When I didn’t want to play, he flops back to his side and stretches like the lazy fat cat that he is.

He stared at my iPhone for a bit and realised it’s the tool I use to embarrass him on the Internet so he quickly propped up to a more regal fashion. too late fatso.


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