La Petite Cuisine, Serene Centre

We took the day off and headed out for lunch at Serene Centre. the initial plan was to check out Relish at Cluny Court but we were waylaid by this innocuous looking cafe within Serene Centre called La Petite Cuisine. it’s a simple looking cafe with checkered square table cloth run by a bunch of Filipinos and this one French looking dude with a bushy moustache. He looked at me several times and I wanted to smile hello but his moustache was a little apprehensive.

the menu is made up of simple French fare, and having eaten very little French cuisine myself, I can’t vouch for its authenticity. but come lunch time when a whole lot of French people started showing up, I guess it’s a good bet it’s pretty good French food. French food to me has always been a chi-chi uppity sort of fine dining cuisine but this cafe says otherwise.

Innocent looking French onion soup. we ordered a bowl to share but after my first sip, I pulled the bowl over to my side of the table and told Bryan to get his own. it’s probably the best onion soup I’ve ever had. It’s thick without being too creamy, full of awesome flavour and it doesn’t have that pungent kick-back aftertaste that some French onion soups have. I actually swirled it around my mouth because it’s so good.

Pork Crouchette. it’s a plate fulla pork. pork ham. pork sausage. pork loin. pork pork. the only thing that isn’t pork is the pile of cabbage on top of it. Good for 2 people so please don’t do a Bryan and order for yourself.

Prawn and Foie Gras Ravioli. My eyes light up at the mention of Foie Gras. this is an entree dish made up for 3 big pieces of ravioli. the skin is strangely softer than the ravioli skin i’m used to, much more like a shanghai dumpling skin. it’s covered with a sauce made up of 3 flavours: cream, tomatoes and something else. each ravioli is filled with a punch: prawn and a juicy piece of foie gras each. again, i rolled it around inside my mouth to let the foie gras juices ooze out.

Confit de Canard served with potato gratin. probably the only thing that came out of my French class was being able to identify “duck” on the menu. I’m fussy when it comes to duck because if not prepared well, the meat tends to be too dry. this one was slightly drier than expected but the skin was very crispy, covered with a sauce that’s not too sweet. even the potato gratin was good.

I like the food here, and the fuss free ambiance. sometimes when the chef is free, he’d stand against the glass window and glower at his customers, as if to make sure they like what they are eating. either that or he was glowering at the girl who dared to order a salad for a main. He must have been happy with us then coz we really whack the menu where it mattered.

Must go back again.


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